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Fair trade

We at the UdG are continuing our commitment to fair trade!

Fair Trade is a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty and exploitation, against climatic change and big inequalities in the trade relations having the biggest impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations. Trade needs to benefit and offer sustainable living conditions to the most defenceless, through the development ofopportunities for the most deprived small producers.

The UdG, as a public university, is committed to Global Justice and considers the principles governing the Fair Trade to be fundamental, not just for safeguarding a decent life for people but also for respecting nature throughout the planet. This commitment was made clear in 2004, when it became mandatory for every café and vending machine to serve Fair Trade coffee and sugar.

The commitment continues to grow, which it must do, hence its current certification as a Fair Trade University and its participation, for another year, in World Fair Trade Day held annually every second Saturday in May to call for another international trade model that is fair and based on respect for the rights of everyone, producers and consumers alike.

Activities, which you will find on this page, are being held at the UdG to commemorate this international day. 


Manifestos on Fair Trade


To claim another model of international, fair, equitable trade and based on the respect to the rights of the producers and of the consumers, the University of Girona, as a public university, it is compromised with the Global Justice and considers fundamental the defence of a worthy life for the persons and the respect for the nature all over the planet. 

The UdG continues to opt for fair trade this May!

Access the Manifesto

  • LaCoordi MANIFESTO

Access the Manifesto

Interactive Short "And you, what do you choose?"

Choose our central character's consumption options and discover their impact on the life of people and the planet. Should we move over to alternatives?

Click on PLAY to start the game!

Video "We, the consumers, have power: move over to Fair Trade"

If you’re fed up with hearing about labour exploitation, seas full of plastic, factories polluting everything and the depletion of our natural resources, move over to Fair Trade, like Eva! We, the consumers, have power and can change things through our daily consumption: coffee, chocolate, clothes, jewellery and so on. Find out about how products you buy were made and make a commitment to people- and environment-friendly criteria!

Access the video

Books on "Fair Trade" in the UdG Library catalogue

You can find a fair trade catalogue in the UdG Library to help with taking conscious decisions in our daily consumption. As a consumer, you can also help to transform the reality and untenable production model.

Want to know more? Check out the catalogue

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