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  • Mobility and public highway incidences in Girona
    Girona Town Council website contains real-time information about any incidences that can affect circulation and access to different zones and spaces in the city
  • CADEP - CRUE University and Mobility Group
    The university is responsible for managing the mobility it generates in the course of its activity such that it guarantees the right of access, sustainability, security and economic efficiency. To this effect, in the Full Session meeting of the Commission for Environmental Quality and Risk Prevention (CADEP) of CRUE, held at the University of Múrcia in March 2010, the University and Mobility Inter-university Working Group was created as a group specifically concerned with this subject area.
  • The mobility portal of the Government of Catalonia
    Website with all the information about mobility in Catalonia. How to travel from one point in Catalonia to another on public transport or in a private vehicle; a street guide and information about the different means of transport are some of the information that you can find there.
  • UdG personalised mobility
    This service tells you the public transport options from where you live to the campus where you study and/or work.
  • Mobility in Girona City Council
    Information about mobility in the city of Girona.
  • Get around by bike
    Civic platform for bicycle use and sustainable mobility
  • Catalonia walks
    Association that works to improve mobility conditions and increase pedestrian safety.

Other car-share websites:

"Sustainable mobility" Programme “Tinc un idea” ["I have an idea"] Channel 2 TVE 20/09/17


The University of Girona has113 research groups, of which twenty-six are in the technical area, twenty-three in the experimental area, 2 in the health area, fourteen in the area of the arts and forty-eight in the area of the social sciences.

Of these group, eleven have been constituted with clear objectives to research in matters related to the environmental and/or sustainability. Of these, 3 are from the technical area; 5 the experimental area and 3 the social sciences area. We could say, then, that 10% of the research groups of the UdG have been constituted to work in research for sustainability.

However, there are other groups which. despite not having such explicit objectives, undertake research work that brings new knowledge to the construction of sustainability, increasing the figure for the UdG's research groups that work in sustainability to 15%. 

Results obtained

Consult the research projects by their CHARACTERISTICS AND OBJECTIVES

Research in Sustainability

We understand Research in Sustainability as research, though at several levels, the three aspects of Sustainability (ecological, social and economic).

Basic Research applied to Sustainability

This is all the research that is being carried out at the UdG which is applied to resolving sustainability-related issues . Our aim at this point is to identify research that has an application in resolving socio-environmental problems.

Basic Research relating to Sustainability

This specific research in several areas creating knowledge on issues relating to sustainability.



Groups of research that have taken part in this first round*:

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