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Stimulating creativity and critical thought among Shanti Bhavan (India) boys and girls through ICTs

This video presents the project undertaken by UdiGitalEdu, an interdisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to the design and development of experiences that combine science, technology and art to foster creativity, critical thinking and teamwork. The aim of the project was the implementation of a pilot workshop in a rural school in India to stimulate creativity and critical thinking in children through the use of ICT (educational robotics kits), to awaken their interest in science and technology, and to stimulate innovation and creativity in problem solving, working in groups. 

The ultimate goal was to help to motivate them to start projects in their villages in the future, to be critically aware of the problems and injustices they suffer, and to have the knowledge and tools to create wealth in different social spheres. Eventually, this pilot project led to a larger project, Inventors4Change and finally to the European project, InventEUrs.

Àfrica viva

This project, carried out together with the Àfrica Viva Association, was aimed at improving the quality of life and food safety in the Rambo Department in Burkina Faso.

It was essential, for that purpose, for drinking water to be supplied to the Department's entire population throughout the year. Hence the construction of wells that helped to improve and intensify crops during every season of the year. On the other hand, another aim was to provide African women with training tools for their personal and communal development.

Technical-aids design project for Latin America countries

This video introduces a project initially launched by the NGO GERD and carried out by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the EPS. The aim was to design technical aids to enable small workshops in Latin America to produce quality wheelchairs of at very low cost and with local technology, thereby improving the quality of life of people with a disability.

Creation of the National Museum of the Saharan People

This video introduces one of the first cooperation projects carried out at the University of Girona, led by the Western Sahara Cooperation and Research Group. One of the first lines of cooperation was the creation of the National Museum of the Saharan people so that people who were living in refugee camps and who, in many cases, had even been born in them, find out the history and heritage of the Western Sahara. This project is still in operation at present, along with other lines of cooperation to keep on introducing the reality of the Saharan refugee population, to strengthen the relations of cooperation with refugee camps, and to contribute to the knowledge of Saharan history and cultural heritage among Saharans themselves (and especially among the youngest generations).

Abay Mado

This video introduces the Abay Mado project, which is led by teaching staff at the UdG’s Department of Physics and aimed at transferring knowledge in active and innovative methodologies to teachers at rural schools, under a teacher-training plan, and at promoting student motivation through scientific experimentation.

Engineering Without Borders

This video introduces the projects and activities being carried out by the University of Girona group of Engineering Without Borders, centred above all on the Ecuadorian Amazon, with the aim of putting the renewable energies at the service of human development. More specifically, work was carried out installing photovoltaic solar panels and considerable importance given to providing local organisations with skills for the performance of maintenance work.


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