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About the UdG

Data and impact

of the UdG course 2019 - 2020

The figures that define the University of Girona demonstrate the power of the institution and the consolidation of an academic project, of research and knowledge transfer that has a clear impact on the social fabric. The data on the university’s evolution and present tell us about its objective impact and its appraisal in the rankings.  

Campus and structures

  • 161,496m2 built surface area
  • 3campuses
  • 9faculties and schools
  • 1School of Doctoral Studies
  • 6affiliated centres
  • 24departments
  • 12own research institutes
  • 3research institutes it participates in
  • 3CERCA Programme research centres
  • 40chairs


  • € 97,113,720Budget 2019
  • € 100,023,177Budget 2020
  • € 56,300,686Basic funding from the Generalitat budgeted in 2019
  • € 57,846,183Basic funding from the Generalitat budgeted in 2020

University community

  • 15,338UdG students
  • 1,347teaching and research staff
  • 606administrative and service staff


Bachelor's degrees

  • 46bachelor's degrees
  • 12dual bachelor's degrees
  • 3dual international bachelor’s degrees
  • 10,383undergraduates – own centres
  • 3,204undergraduates – affiliated centres
  • 1,761degree holders – own centres
  • 597degree holders – affiliated centres

Master’s degrees

  • 23university master’s degrees
  • 17joint masters
  • 17double international master’s degree agreements
  • 929university master’s degree students
  • 588university master’s degree holders


  • 14 doctoral programmes
  • 822doctoral degree students
  • 102doctoral theses defended

Ongoing education

  • 40university master’s degrees
  • 858specific master’s degree students
  • 3,239students enrolled on ongoing education activities

Other education programmes

  • 155students enrolled on the Josep Torrellas Education Programme for the over 50s


Projects and funding

  • 332active research projects in 2019
  • 67SGR research groups


  • 80research books
  • 230book chapters
  • 855ISI-indexed articles
  • 217pre-doctoral recruits
  • 28ICREA researchers, Ramón Cajal, Beatriu de Pinós, Juan de la Cierva, and Marie Sklodowska-Curie

Technological transfer

  • 7TECNIO groups
  • 1European patent
  • 1licensed patent
  • 9technology-based companies that the university has a stake in the UdG

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