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Who works for sustainability at the UdG?

The Area of Sustainability of the Social Commitment Unit is responsible for the ongoing implementation, development, monitoring and review of the UdG's Strategic Greening Plan. The Area adopts the goals, sub-goals and initiatives set out in the UdG’s Greening Plan, approved by the Governing Council on 30 September 2021.

In order to safeguard its singularity, the Area of Sustainability, is also:

  • a university-scale entity for implementing political guidelines.
  • A management, coordination and dissemination entity for greening within the university area.
  • An entity for implementing the UdG’s environmental research activities associated with the Greening Plan.


The functions of the Sustainability Area derive from the implementation, monitoring and review of the strategic greening plan, and are organised into six main strategic lines : 

  • To advise in decision making in matters related to environmental management  -management area- in the UdG’s area of influence, through channelling projects and activities related to the Plan.
  • To tutor the accomplishment of the objectives of the Strategic Greening Plan in all actions related to construction and urban development on the campus, regarding both new constructions and developing new free spaces, and the renovation and adaptation of existing ones.
  • To tutor the accomplishment of the objectives of the Strategic Greening Plan in all actions related to curricular greening.
  • Proposing and ensuring the accomplishment of architectonic measures and facilities that enable the free access to buildings, services and free spaces on the campus for people with reduced mobility.
  • Promoting and disseminating the Greening Plan -area of dissemination- and establishing it as an environmental information and awareness raising centre at both the university level and through joint action with other institutions.
  • Organising support services for the Greening Plan -"workshop” area - prioritising involvement in introducing working groups coming from education programmes for socially disadvantaged groups. 

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