Euro-Mediterranean Campus of the Tourism and the Water

It is the result of the strategic alliance between the University of Girona and the University of the Balearic Islands, together with the CSIC and the ICRA, in order to shape a network of regional complicities about some subject matters with a length appealed of teaching and research – the water and the tourism – in the academic world of both centres.

In 2011, the strategy of internationalisation received this badge – that of International Campus – thanks to the collaboration and the synergies with other centres of the environment of the region Pirineus-Mediterrània. Beyond the UIB, the University Pierre and Marie Curie of Paris and that of Perpinyà-Via Domitia also took part in it.

After being evaluated positively by a commission of experts, the Campus e-MTA confirmed in 2016 the condition of International Campus of Excellence. The Campus was the origin of an intense policy of promotion of sectorial campus that embrace the subject matters in which he exalts in a remarkable way the UdG, summoning external agents and grouping capacities for the future.