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The Inclusivity Plan

Disability Equality Plan

Where did the Disability Equality Plan come from?

One of the UdG’s objectives is to study and promote measures to improve the quality of education and services at the UdG so that everybody fits in there and to favour equal opportunities among all its members. This is demonstrated by the Governing Council’s approval of the Disability Equality Plan Commission in session no. 5/07 of 31 May 2007, which is presented below.

This document reflects the UdG's intention to continue implementing one of the basic principles of its statutes: equal opportunities specifically in relation to the need to promote equal opportunities for people with a disability.

The document

The UdG implements this Disability Equality Plan, which not only seeks to promote access to and the participation of people with disabilities in the UdG community, but it also aims to contribute to the development of a fairer society in which everybody feels represented. The university, as a higher educational institution, must contribute to demonstrating the capacities of the people who form part of it.

This document was sent fro amendment to all UdG students with a disability, and to entities and associations for disabled persons. Its contributions, in addition to those of the components of the Disability Equality Plan, helped to draft the document presented below.

The final document was approved by the Governing Council in session no. 4/09 of 2 April 2009

A specific commission was created to monitor the drafting of the First Disability Equality Plan. You can consult the documents produced by this commission and related Governing Council agreements below.

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