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Lines of research

Lines of research
Diversity, dynamics and activity of microorganisms in continental aquatic ecosystems.  
Characterisation of useful microorganisms in biotechnology and environmental engineering.  
Studies on protein folding and oligomerisation using pancreatic ribonuclease as a model
Designing, obtaining and characterising cytotoxic variants of pancreatic ribonucleases; Study of the molecular bases of the mechanism of ribonuclease cytotoxicity.-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-  
Development of new technologies based on the splicing and joining of proteins applied to the design of therapeutic agents and biosensors.  
Molecular biology of cork formation.   
Sperm cryopreservation
Analysis of sperm quality
Determining pathogenesis in semen samples
Traceability and parentage tests
Assisted reproduction techniques
Development of analysis methods for determining organic pollutants (pesticides, antibiotics and phenolic derivatives) and metals in the environment (water, soil and sediments)
Study of the processes of transport and degradation of organic pollutants and metals in different types of soils
Characterization of wines and cork stoppers: traceability in wines, sensory defects and improving the cork stopper production process
Determining volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in human breath and their application in the early detection of diseases
Geological cartography (materials and processes)
Geotechnics and Soil Mechanics
Resources and geological risks
Study and cartography of plant communities and habitats of the regions of Girona
Study, conservation and management of endangered vascular plants
Taxonomy of red algae
Ecophysiology of benthic marine algae
Ecology and conservation of continental fish in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands
Ichthyology. Reproduction of fish. Fishing
Ecological perturbations and terrestrial animal communities
Quantum Molecular Engineering:studies and development of the methodologies QSAR and QSPR
Quantum Molecular Engineering: mathematical foundations of quantum chemistry
Quantum Molecular Engineering: Quantum Molecular Similarity
Physics and technology of materials: powder metallurgy, Shape memory
Thermal and structural analysis: materials, food, biology, pharmacy
Thermal analysis of the synthesis of complex oxides from metal-organic precursors
Statistical analysis of compositional data
Factorial analysis of data
Design and treatment of surveys
Mathematical methods applied to chemistry
Applications of logic to computer science
Software Engineering / e-learning
Distributed systems, scheduling and optimisation of resources
Design, operation and control of advanced processes for the biological treatment of urban and industrial waste waters
Systems to aid decision-making applied to environmental domains
Adsorption/oxidation processes for the treatment of effluents
Energetic valuation of biomass
Epidemiology and control of illnesses in plants
Biopesticides and microbial biofertilizers for the control of diseases in plants
Effects of the use, change of use and abandonment of land in parameters of physical, chemical and biological quality of the soil
Making use of waste in the agrofood industry
Pollution of the soil by heavy metals
Development of functional and/or nutritional alimentary ingredients from pig blood
Genetically modified plants (GM): characterization, traceability and coexistence; non intentional effects of the transgene and production of antimicrobic peptides in biofactory plants
Using industrial waste for the concentration and elimination of toxic metals in aqueous solutions
Evaluation of the toxicity of metallic ions through the use of different biological models
Construction and evaluation of selective ion electrodes
Engineering and Management of Irrigation
Technical and economic efficiency in animal production systems
Development of macrostructures and supramolecular chemistry
Catalytic processes
Bioinorganic chemistry
Promotion of Health, Healthcare Services
Old age, carers
Woman, gender and health
Health emergencies
Welfare and quality of life
Process planning and integration with production planning
Hydrodynamics and turbulence
Clouds, radiation in the atmosphere and climate
Numeric and experimental analysis of materials and structures
Composite materials for aeronautical structures: advanced simulation and experimental characterization
Artificial pancreas: modelling and controlling glucose metabolism-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-
Modelling, identifying and controlling complex systems
Detecting and diagnosing flaws in dynamic model-based systems.  
Study of the models of growing networks and dynamic processes defined for networks
Equations in partial derivatives for the dynamics of structured populations, and adaptive dynamics in models of population dynamics
Studying discreet dynamic systems
Developing and analysing Artificial Intelligence techniques (AI) with multi-agent systems
Synthesising peptides, peptidomimetics and related compounds.  
Designing and Synthesing bio-active compounds
Natural products
Phenomena of transport in the engineering of fluids
Lubrication and maintenance engineering
Acoustics and environmental comfort
Machines and thermal engines
Thermal efficiency of constructions
Development of autonomous and tele-operated underwater robots. Navigation, location and creation of maps. Creation of photomosaics (visual maps) from multiple images
Analysis of the image. Segmentation, detection and recognition of objects.  
3D Perception
Paper Technology
Recycling of paper
Cellulose pastes
Natural fibres as a reinforcement of compound materials
Preparation of polymeric biomaterials for use in textile engineerings
Analysis of the construction process; rationale behind the interaction of elements and construction systems in construction
Microbiology of inflammatory intestinal disease
Microbial diversity in infectious processes (infectious diseases)
Complex systems and biophysics
Combustion flames
Welfare and city
Local commerce and urban structure
Creation of algorithms for the global lighting of virtual environments (video games, animation, interior design, architectural environments)
Video games: improving graphic realism, its application to virtual reality and simulation systems, and virtual sets for cinema and television
Medical image: investigating efficient solutions for technical and clinical problems by developing new diagnosis support tools
Scientific visualization: visualization and simplification techniques for the exploration of 3D medical, molecular and financial data models
Selection of points of view: recognition of objects which is applied to obtaining measurements of the quality of a point of view, information and mesh saliency, and shape descriptors to calculate similarity between objects in big data bases
Computational aesthetics: measures of informational aesthetics to quantify order, complexity and information in images, paintings and sculptures
Computational geometry
Plant development
Ecophysiological responses of plants to climate change
Understanding in-depth the role of genetics in cardiovascular disease, to improve diagnosis, prevention and therapies
Translation of knowledge for health-related decision making at a micro, meso and macro level
Evaluation of medical research and health results for healthcare decision making
Training teaching staff and educators for sustainability
Environmentalisation of university studies and compulsory education
Evaluation of formal and non formal educational programs in the areas of environmental knowledge (natural and social) and education for sustainability
Scientific education, innovation and improvement in the teaching of experimental sciences
Artistic education, social contexts and identities. Multicultural, ecological and inclusive perspectives
Teaching the arts and interdisciplinary approaches
Arts and knowledge construction. Creativity and communication
Aesthetic-artistic contemporaneity and literacy
Arts and social intervention. Contributions of the arts to the learning- service. (ApS)
Development of logical mathematical thinking
Procedures, resources and strategies in metric estimation
Visualization and manipulation procedures
Initial and ongoing training of teaching staff
Environmentalising the maths education curriculum
European and comparative civil liability law
European and comparative family law
Models of territorial distribution of power
Protection and regulation of linguistic rights in composite States
Operating research: mathematical techniques for the treatment of uncertainty in the economy and business management
Contemporary political philosophy: philosophical analysis and the ideological, political and social repercussion of conservatism and neoconservatism, developed mainly by North American authors
Philosophy of cognitive sciences
Contemporary thought, especially centred on the works of Wittgenstein, Foucault and Dewey
Descriptive grammar, comparative grammar, theoretical linguistics and linguistic typology.   
Language, immigration and acquisition of second languages.  
Contact of languages and linguistic management
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: One of the central aspects of theoretical research is the contribution of acoustic indices to the construction of phonological entities, in order to establish which play a decisive role in the process of identifying and acquiring phonemes and the phenomena of neutralization and perceptive contrast. Regarding applied Linguistics: Speech synthesis. Acquisition of phonology. Forensic phonetics and Pathology of language
Linguistics of Catalan: Research in this area is conducted first in the prosodic phonology of Catalan based on the study of the main prosodic constituents - syllables and metric feet - and the relationships established with the morphological boundaries and with the properties of the segments
Relations between linguistics and literature: this third block, making use of much of the above-mentioned research in prosody, sees us investigating verse metric and elocution both in prose and verse
Theory and methods for local development
Analysis of contemporary urban development processes and definition of urban systems
Evaluation of the planning and management instruments of the territory and environment
Territory, environment and gender
Modern day art in Catalonia
The visual culture of the modern era in Catalonia
Art in the modern era: destruction and safeguard
Analysis and management of landscapes
Changes in land usage and covers
Landscape theory
Tourism in coastal spaces
Theory of art
History of contemporary art
History of contemporary art in Catalonia
History and theory of cinema
Comparative studies compared of processes of historical change in rural societies, from the mediaeval period until the 21st century
History of mediaeval literature
Life and work of Francesc Eiximenis
The literature of the troubadours
Educational attendance of people with special educational needs in the school years
Schooling processes of students of African origin in Catalonia
Labour-market inclusion of people with disabilities. Analysis of the socio-educational variables that intervene in these processes.  
Proposals for improving and designing training programmes for education professionals
Technological resources as factors of change in people's lives
Integration of ITC into the curriculum at any educational level
Design and implementation of educational multimedia resources
Dynamisation of collaborative projects through technological resources
Training teachers
Education-learning and evaluation strategies.-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-  
Strategic curricular advice
Bilingual education and bilingualism
The rights of children and their social participation from the perspective of the children themselves, their parents and the teachers
Audiovisual media between teenagers and adults
Personal welfare, life satisfaction and aspirational values
Childhood, adolescence, risk and social protection system.   
Personal welfare and active and satisfactory ageing.   
Management of fisheries
Fishing associations
Sea fishing heritage
History of sea fishing
Cooperation, development, sustainability, competitiveness and corporate social responsibility
Planning, management and policies of destinations and tourist products
New technologies, demands and tourist products
How the penal system operates
Foreigner nationals and penal system
Penology (imprisonment and alternative punishments)
Alternative conflict resolution mechanisms (criminological perspective)
Criminal policy
Crime Prevention
Penal system and public opinion
Philosophy of Penal Law and penal responsibility
Ethics in businesses
Mediation and other alternative conflict resolution methods
Interpretation and application of the law
Problems related to the judicial process
Regional and local finances
Tax procedures
Taxation of sport
Community taxation (European Union)
International taxation
Analysis and study of the migratory processes and their impact in social and educational spheres (both inside and outside school)
Leisure time education and sociocultural animation
Young people and youth policies
Rural school: education and territory
Public teaching in Catalonia: from the Republic to democracy
Analysis of social inequalities and the living conditions, behaviour, uses and habits of different social groups
Analysis and management of natural risks
Environmental change and ecology of the landscape
Socioterritorial dimension of water management
Evolution and management of agricultural spaces
Biogeography and management of natural spaces
Work relations and Employment
Statistics and Spatial Epidemiology
Health econometrics
Statistics, Econometrics and Quality of Survey Data
Centre management
Coexistence at school
Improving human relations in organizations: climate and culture.   
Professional guidance in secondary education
Use of New Technologies in education
Family company and competitiveness
Innovation: policies and management
Decision and collective choice
Roman patrimonial law
Roman civil process
Roman private arbitration
History of legal culture
Historical formation of contemporary Catalan private law
Company Law
Competition law
Urban planning law
Environmental law
Cognitive and emotional processes, neurology and learning. Innovative resources for effective neuropsycopedagogic intervention.  
Social, Entrepreneurial and Territorial development. Analysis and study of different subjects related with these areas, from both a qualitative and quantitative point of view
Study of the history of written culture, visual culture and architectural morphogenesis in mediaeval and modern times
Historical study of the processes of identity construction and forms of political consensus and repression, especially in modern and contemporary times
Globalisation, subjectivities and memory: feminist postcolonial criticism in daily life and in sociocultural, artistic and scientific productions.  
Deconstruction of the Psychopathology of gender and sexuality
Study of Catalan linguistic models from their origins to the present day
Social history of the Spanish language
Linguistic unity and diversity
Diachronic and critical study of the literature of the modern age
Literary language models
History of language and culture
Textual criticism
Archaeological research
Cultural heritage.   
Economic penal law
Infant-youth psychopathology: personality and other psychological factors involved in the genesis and maintenance of emotional disorders and behaviour
Use and abuse of Internet and mobile telephony in children and adolescents; changes in behaviour and emotional consequences
Multisystem Developmental Disorder
Study of the interrelations between identity formation, political traditions and cultures in Catalonia and Spain
Study of forms of consensus and repression and their consequences on the population, especially in the cases of deportations and exiles, from a comparative European perspective
Analysis of the relationship between contemporary European historiography, memory and the dissemination of historical knowledge
Neuropsychology and psychopathology of dementias
Adaptation and validation of psychometric instruments in the fields of ageing, disability and mental health
Epidemiology of dementias and ageing: fragility and dependence
Motivation and processes of adaptation
Human communication and memory
Psychopathology of adults and old age
Economics of the environment and natural resources
Institutional Communication
Historical evolution of the media
Political, social and cultural communication between Catalonia and America
Analyses of the processes of receiving media discourse in the new audiovisual interfaces
Ethics of advertising
Representation of gender in advertising
Audiovisual communication and education
Teacher thinking and educational action in physical education and sport
Social cognition
Language acquisition
Comparative grammar of the Romance languages
Historical grammar
Interaction between linguistic change, variation and acquisition (phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax)
Introduction of the concept of unity/diversity in the pre-school and primary education curriculum, from a global or interdisciplinary viewpoint
Work with groups of teachers, following the research-action methodology; update of environment knowledge subjects from this perspective
Origin of children, migrations, food and the family
International Taxatation
Local exchequer
Regional exchequer
VAT and customs taxes
Energy tax system
Cultural evolution
Games theory
Specific early years teaching from an interdisciplinary perspective
Initial training of maths teachers
Ongoing training of maths teachers
Quality management
Production and supply chain management
Ageing, culture and Quality of Life
Rural environments and social community intervention
Promoting health and autonomy
Socio-sanitary Services: user-centred evaluation.   
Educating in a heterogeneous world
Municipal markets system and urban structure
Ecology of benthic marine algae
Tumour markers
Molecular mechanisms responsible for changes in glycosylation in tumours
Mechanisms of tumour resistance.  
New anti-tumour agents. EGF and metal derivatives
Characterization of manufacture processes
Design methodologies
Additive production
Environmental and cancer epidemiology
Public economy
Chemical reactivity and catalysis
Molecular interactions and properties
Photochemistry and charge transfer
New and traditional types of tourism: coastal tourism, cultural, rural tourism, ecotourism and others
Cultural tourism
Tourist image
Physical exercise and quality of life
sexual risk behaviours
Public management, territory and funding
Economic, social, environmental, technological and cultural impacts of tourism
Economic analysis of education policies
Stress, pain and quality of life
Languages, cultures, immigration and health
Risk and prevention behaviours of vehicle users and pedestrians
Automatic deduction
Substance addiction
Processes of loss and grief
Psychology of Health and Quality of Life during the Ageing Process
Geometry Processing
Analyses of collective choice rules
Employment protection and dynamics of the job market
Comparative civil and penal procedural law
Harmonizing trends in European penal and civil process
Procedural methodology and process theory
Criminal procedure reforms in Latin America
The protection of child victims (procedural aspects)
Local Justice and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
Precautionary Measures
The test
Statistical applications of CODA to sciences and humanities
Economics of Tourism
Criticism and aesthetics of contemporary art
Cultural tourism
History and aesthetics of music
Procedural modelling
Real-time visualization
Modelling the appearance of materials
Research on physical agents.  
Emotional Bonding and Human Development. Emotional bonding in adulthood and personality disorders.   
Emotional bonding and psychopathology of development, child abuse and mistreatment. Programs of intervention for families at high social risk. Fostering and Adoption.   
Mother-child mother-child, intersubjectivity and shared play.   
Fluvial ecology and ecotoxicology
Limnology of temporary lagoons
Limnology of coastal lagoons and marshes
Analysis of the structure of aquatic communities
Conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems
Biological invasions in continental waters: routes and vectors of introduction, life cycles and biological impacts
Fresh water organisms as biological indicators: algae, invertebrates and fish
Statistical ecology
Mathematical modelling of absorption processes and environmental systems
Computer assisted teaching / learning. Generation and automatic correction of complex activities. Computer-based assessment. e-learning platforms
Light transport simulation
Computational photography
Inverse lighting problems
Flame propagation in solid fuels and combustibles gases.   
The new audiovisual formats and genres l (Radio and TV)
Impact of physical dynamics on water quality and on the ecology of natural systems
Radio: experimentation, applications and analyses.  
Solid state phase transformation kinetics, thermal analysis
Thermal analysis of amorphous silicon and nanostructured variants of amorphous silicon
Cellulose nanomaterials
Celestial mechanics
Social inequalities (gender, class and age) and citizen participation
Male chauvinist violence/institutional violence (health, education...)/micro chauvinism: psychosociological dimensions
Study of cellular and molecular changes induced by deep intracranial stimulation (DBS), a technique applied to Parkinson’s disease
Study of cellular and molecular changes produced by intracranial self-stimulation (ICSS), a technique that facilitates learning and memory.   
Law and university organization
Corporate governance
Competition law
Economic analysis of Commercial Law
Study of cooperative companies and the social economy
Technology, entrepreneurial Innovation and territory
Clusters, industrial districts and local productive systems
Didactics of curves
Education and community
The biopolitical background of bioethics
Property rights and forms of exploitation of peasant labour (12th to 20th centuries)
Social dynamics and historical change in rural societies (12th to 20th centuries)
Country-city relations throughout history
Memory, discourse and historiography in rural societies
Environmental conditions and agricultural development (12th to 20th centuries)
History, territory and social and political representations
Industrialization and rural world
Uses of water in history
Design and development of public social and cultural policies
Management and evaluation of institutions and social and cultural programmes
Funding of social and cultural policies
Citizen participation in the design of public policies
Social Services (analysis and application of social legislation, history, etc.)  
Social work: theoretical development, methodology, sociology of social work.  
Community development
Cultural management
Educational cultural and political policies
Cultural cooperation development
Ferrater Mora and the history of Catalan thought (18th to 20th centuries)
Methods and tools based on interval analysis
Edition of texts and textual criticism
Cultural heritage and historical change in the Catalan rural world
Study of Hispanic fiction prose (13th to 16th centuries)
Mediaeval Catalan and Spanish poetry and its handwritten transmission
Narrative in Medieval Romanesque verse
Codicology and textual bibliography
Property register and topography
Management of beaches and dunes
Ecology of the landscape: ecological and landscape corridors
Forests and society
Geography of Mediterranean vegetation
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applied to environmental analysis and management
Methods for monitoring and supporting data-based decision making
Cognitive neuropsychology
Characterisation of phellem candidate genes in the potato periderm.  
Chemical and structural analyses of suberin.  
Applied educational innovation
Product aesthetics and perception
Participatory action research (PAR) and comparative didactics.  
Social Responsibility of the Product and Designers
Innovation in products and processes
Museums and society. Collaborative projects
Development of new active ingredients for the control of diseases in plants
Valuation of geological assets
Judicial Power in composite States
Protecting the rights of indigenous people in composite States
Teaching and learning processes in physical education and sport
Genetics of continental fish
Genetics of exploited marine organisms
Motor and sport skills in children and young people
Genetics of conservation
Social Security Law
Genetics of biological invasions
Work and immigration. Managing diversity
Legal system for foreign nationals Rights and freedoms of foreign citizens and their integration.  
Space of freedom, security and justice
Free movement of people and service provision
Literary multilingualism
Bibliographical and codicological inventories
The fundamental right to freedom of thought, consciousness and religion
Religious and ideological social reality and public powers
Literary work of Diego de Saavedra Fajardo (1584-1648)
History of literary styles
History of science
Political history
Politics and literature
Countable aspects of business concentration
Technologies of construction and sustainability
Women Studies
Federalism and protection of rights. With a particular focus on economic, social and cultural rights
European contract law
Private tourism law
Mobile robotics
Art of the modern age in Catalonia and its relationship with the European context
Study of the history of visual culture and architectural morphogenesis in the medieval period.  
Study of identity construction and certain forms of political consensus and repression in Catalan society in the 19th and 20th centuries.   
Educational practice and linguistic education
school culture and family culture
Service Management and Quality Control in communication networks
Distributed systems
Adaptive Hypermedia Systems
Community intervention and social and individual empowerment
Food Security. Molecular detection of pathogenic bacteria in foods.  
Translating knowledge for taking health-related decisions at micro, meso and macro levels.  
Cardiovascular genetics
Cerebral ischaemia
Innovation and improvement in the teaching of social sciences
Repairing and regenerating the spinal chord.  
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal death and survival.  
Causal embryology and the morpho-functional characterisation of the teratogenic effects of pharmaco-cellular therapies.  
Morphological and ultrastructural characterisation of acquired brain injury.  
Using anatomy to predict improvements in performing medical and surgical procedures.  
Mathematical-modelling and 3D anatomical-image patterns.  
Relational networks in organizations
Managing innovation and knowledge in the tourism sector
Destination management
Cross border analysis
Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds
Governance and leadership
Organisational dynamics and change management
Cultural heritage, interpretation, education and training
Narratives, life stories and social cartography in visual, musical, corporal, literary and intermedia arts
Bio-processes for the recovery of resources and the synthesis of new products
Physico-chemical processes for treatment and/or reuse of liquid and gas effluents.  
Planning, control and evaluation of complex environmental systems.  
-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Ecology of amphibians and aquatic reptiles
Video games
Image and video processing
Online-education environments
Scientific visualisation 
Spacial and spacial-temporal data processing 

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