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Gender Equality

The Commission


The Equality Commission was created given that the Additional Eighth Provision of Act 1/2003 of 19 February, on the Universities of Catalonia establishes that the competent department on the matter of universities and it is the universities themselves that promote initiatives to achieve equal opportunities between men and women in every university area.

1ª Commission - CREATION OF THE COMMISSION FOR THE PLAN FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN AT THE UNIVERSITY OF GIRONA  (approved by the Governing Council at session no. 9/06 of 27 October 2006)



  • Dr Anna Mª Pla Boix, Rector’s delegate for Gender Equality


  • Dr Francisco Abril Morales, PDI
  • Dr Maria Pilar Albertín Carbó, PDI
  • Ms Silvia Terrades Vila (PAS - Labour Workers' Committee)
  • Dr José Antonio Langarita Adiego, PDI
  • Mr Francesc Martínez López, (union representative)
  • Dr Patricia Melgar Alcantud, PDI
  • Ms Sílvia Solé Sabaté (Statutory Administrative and Service Staff Board)
  • Ms Judith Tortajada Juanals, student body
  • Ms Marta Viltró Romo, PAS
  • Dr Alicia Baltasar Bague,  (PDI labour representative)
  • Dr. Mireia López Amo (representing PDI civil servants)


  • Ms Sílvia Lloveras Pimentel (Head of the Unit of Social Commitment)
  • Dr Núria Mancebo Fernandez (Head of Occupational Health Office)


  • Dr Montserrat Castro Belmonte, PAS

  1. Drafting a UdG Gender Equality Plan, in accordance with the provisions set out in Act 17/2015, of 21 July, of effective equality between women and men.,(Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) no. 6919, of 23 July 2015.
  2. Analysis and monitoring of gathered data disaggregated by sex in terms of access to studies, career development, management and job promotion
  3. Diagnosis of inequality on the grounds of sex and gender and seeing to initiatives promoting equal opportunities to all groups: PAS, POI and students, from effective equality in teaching, research and work careers to work-private-life balance.
  4. Advising to ensure a balanced presence of women and men in the various collegiate bodies and other decision-taking levels
  5. Promoting and favouring the introduction of gender perspectives in education and specialist research as well as training in it among all the UdG’s staff
  6. Offering advice in specialist areas or specific competencies regarding the introduction of egalitarian initiatives from a gender perspective among the university community
  7. Advising in the deployment of specific initiatives promoting gender equality carried out at the University
  8. Collaborating in the drafting, monitoring and implementation of an Action Protocol for preventing and tackling sexual-harassment situations and discrimination on the ground of sex at the University

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