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Governing Council


Art. 63 of the UdG Statutes: “The Governing Council is the ordinary body of the University.”

Structure of Governing Council

The Governing Council is responsible for:

  1. Approving the University of Girona regulations under the framework of the Statutes.
  2. Assisting the rector and the Board of Trustees in their functions.
  3. Electing its representatives on the Board of Trustees and the Inter-University Council of Catalonia.
  4. Approving the draft version of the University’s multi-annual budget and economic programmes for its subsequent processing by the Board of Trustees.
  5. Proposing the creation, modification or closure of faculties and schools, official and specific studies, university research institutes and departments.
  6. Approving the annual academic programme and multi-annual programmes. g) Approving the University of Girona’s academic regulations.
  7. Approving new study plans and their modifications.
  8. Proposing to the Board of Trustees the award of extra remuneration, on an individual basis, for teaching, research or managerial merit, technological development and knowledge transfer.
  9. Creating authorised committees in accordance with Article 66. bis of the University of Girona Statutes. It may also set up advisory committees to support the University’s educational, research, cultural or welfare activities provided for in the Statutes, and appoint their members.
  10. Displaying the statutory regulations related to the rights and duties of the academic staff, students, and administration and service staff.
  11. Approving the criteria and regulations for the access, recruitment and promotion of both academic and administration and service staff.
  12. Approving the creation, modification and closure of university services, as well as approving their regulations.
  13. Agreeing to those credit transfers that correspond to it in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  14. Approving the conditions for validating official studies.
  15. Approving the establishment of University studies and degrees.
  16. Determining the system for student access to the University and the capacity of the studies in accordance with the legislation in force.
  17. Appointing University representatives to the corresponding bodies.
  18. Approving the general research plans and the regulations for evaluating academic staff.
  19. Ratifying and terminating collaboration and exchange agreements with other universities, bodies or teaching institutions, both public and private
  20. Approving the regulations of University’s departments, faculties, schools and research institutes.
  21. Approving the nomination of honorary doctorates and other distinctions awarded by the University of Girona.
  22. Drawing up its own regulations.
  23. Approving the Academic Staff Activities Plan.
  24. Any other function assigned to it by the Statutes or legislation in force.

The Governing Council is formed by:

  • The rector, who will chair it.
  • The person who occupies the post secretary-general, who will act as the Governing Council’s secretary.
  • The person who occupies the post of general manager.
  • The vice-rectors.
  • Eleven members elected by and among the Senate members representing the University’s full-time academic staff with doctors’ degrees.
  • Two members elected by and among the Senate members representing the University’s academic staff, except full-time staff with doctors’ degrees.
  • Five members elected by and among the Senate members representing the students.
  • Two members elected by and among the Senate members representing the administration and service staff.
  • Six members elected by and among those persons who occupy the post of faculty or school dean or director.
  • Six members elected by and among those persons who occupy the post of head of department.
  • Three members elected by and among those persons who occupy the post of university research institute director.
  • Three members of the Board of Trustees that do not belong to the university community.
  • The rector will appoint the other Governing Council members to make a total of 56.

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