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Do you fancy doing volunteer work?

The UdG pursues two key aspects through the Solidarity Activities: to intervene in developing students’ transferable skills, promoting their integral development and contributing to their becoming socially active, responsible citizens, this ensuring that the university is perceived to be an institution that is socially and ethically committed, involved with the territory and valuable for society in terms of the contribution it makes to solidarity, equity and social justice.

In accordance with the UdG's Recognised credit transfer regulations, the bachelor's degree curricula include up to 6 academic recognition credits which you, the student, can request for taking part in various different university activities, among which are the solidarity and cooperation activities. 

*Dual bachelor's degree students should check from the secretary’s office at their Faculty/School whether they can obtain academic recognition credits.

The Social Commitment Unit offers you:

Training courses

  • By taking part in a 25 hour education course, you will obtain 1 credit.
  • You can register for a maximum of 2 courses per semester.

Information and Registration


The pack consists of an education course which is 25 hours + 25 hours of voluntary work in a charitable field, for which you will obtain 2 credits.

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Solidarity Activities

Solidarity activities are carried out in collaboration with voluntary organisations and NGOs that work on the ground or at an international level. That means students get the chance to work on the ground and in a team at an interdisciplinary level.

Area of the activity: communication, cultural, disabilities, education, health, social, sustainability, or summer activities.

However, you cannot spend any more than 6 hours/week doing voluntary work activities. 

How can I obtain credits?

  • Doing 25 hours of voluntary work you will obtain 1 credit.
  • Doing 50 hours of voluntary work you will obtain 2 credits.
  • Doing ad hoc voluntary work for periods of 5 or 10 hours (which add up to 25 hours), you will obtain 1 credit.

Information and registrations

More information

The courses and activities are free, however, the management of the RA depends on the Academic Secretary of your Faculty and entails a cost of approximately 15% of the price of the credit. If you have any doubts about the credit recognition procedure, you can go to the Academic Secretary of your Faculty.

4th year students: you have to recognise these credits before the 30th of September. If you do it later, you will have to pay the fee for a new enrolment.

Master, Doctoral Degree or Postgraduate students may take part in courses and voluntary work but can not ask for the RA.

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