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Psychological support service

Free service

The University of Girona offers free psychological support where professional staff solely attend students.

Psychological Support Service

It can help you with...

  • Conflict resolution
  • Anxiety in stressful situations (exams, public speaking, driving, etc.)
  • Lack of academic progress.
  • Accompaniment in situations of crisis, loss or pain
  • Changes to sleeping or eating habits.
  • Psychological unrest. Mood swings.
  • Family conflicts, relationships, sexuality.

To use the service:

you can request a personal interview by calling 972 41 80 76 or sending an email to

We offer you a psychological support that...

  • Goes beyond conventional psychological therapy.
  • Takes advantage of each person’s unique resources.
  • Tries to promote each person’s positive aspects.
  • This service can help you. An initial change can mark the beginning of greater problem solving.
  • It assists you to reflect, accept yourself and understand your actions better.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.

If you need more continued or specific help, we will help you to look for other professionals or services.