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Special Projects

Social engagement

Designing Creative Campaigns for Solidarity

Offering knowledge, models and tools to University of Girona students for independently launching awareness-raising actions, initiatives, projects or creative campaigns, to contribute to the building of a fairer and more solidarity world.

Taught by: Jorge Castañeda.
Duration: 12 hours of live online education and between 4 and 8 hours of practical work (participation in the launch of the awareness-raising campaign is optional)
Limited places: 35 students
Platform: Hourly Zoom: from 5 pm to 7.30 pm



Social and Work Inclusion Basic Skills Specialisation Diploma

The UdG wants to open its doors to the social reality that surrounds us. This course, which is carried out with the support of the ONCE foundation, the Vice-Rectorate for Territory and Social Commitment, the Faculty of Education and Psychology, the Social Commitment Unit from its Area of Inclusion and the UdG’s Diversity Research Group, has 30 ECTS credits of academic education and work placements for young people with intellectual disability. It is a commitment in which 50% of sessions are held sharing classes with students from different UdG bachelor's degrees. This educational initiative not only boosts the social and work inclusion of people with a disability but also raises awareness among the university as a whole, especially among the teaching staff and future professionals.

You can find more information on the project from the website.

Subject in Social Transformation and Expertise

Social Transformation and Expertise is an optional subject of the Bachelor's degree in Social Education of the University of Girona (UdG) with 3 ECTS credits (75 hours). The credits are distributed as follows: 22.5 hours distributed in 14 sessions of an hour and a half in the classroom; 22.5 hours of directed work and 30 hours of independent work.

This subject is configured as a space for analysis, reflection and creation shared by students in the 3rd and 4th years of the Bachelor's Degree in Social Education and experts due to their experience as users of different services and projects where social educators work.

View the report for the year 2019/2020

Global Challenge – Change your university, change your world

Global Challenge is a project promoted by ONGAWA with the collaboration of ten Spanish universities. The objective is to contribute to creating a university community committed to Agenda 2030, strengthening the skills of students who are concerned about the areas of sustainability, human rights, cooperation, volunteering, and social participation.

Through seminars, meetings, acting workshops and activities, Global Challenge activates critical thinking, enables students to develop the skills of working in a team, creativity, project coordination, communication, and negotiation, among others, and to become an agent of change.

Consult here for the initiatives and education sessions available to you

Don’t leave anybody behind: the University rallies for refugees

The University of Girona is taking part in the project designed by the awareness-raising area of the Spanish committee ACNUR, funded by an AECID grant, which aims to raise awareness, educate and mobilise the university community, and promote commitment to the rights of refugees, encourage skills to form a critical, committed citizenship, and promote values of cooperation to achieve fairer, more solidarity societies that are respectful of human dignity, and in particular to people that have left their home country (displaced persons and refugees).

Learn about the ACNUR project.

Do you want to change the world? A challenge, five weeks and a solution (Global Challenge)

The UdG has joined the Global Challenge, an ONGAWA and Polytechnic University of Madrid initiative. At the UdG five teams made up of students with restless minds who want to be part of the #Youth4Good community have been created. They will follow a pathway comprised of innovation methodologies that will transform them into agents of change. For five weeks (3 February to 6 March 2020), five online modules will be presented to work on the proposed challenge, which will be related to the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS).

The final objective is that each team develops their own social action project to rise to the challenge they posited at the start. A good way to give their curriculum added value and to get involved in a project with a real impact!

Consult the project in the following </g>link.

Resolution of the Rector awarding the grant to Bilal Utmeh in relation to the pilot programme for the resumption of university studies in Catalonia for refugees located in Lebanon

Resolution 2020
Resolution 2021

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