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Religious assistance and learning service (SAFOR)

Religious Assistance and Learning Service

It is a university service that promotes dialogue-based activities on topics with an interdisciplinary approach, without excluding the Catholic perspective.

It is open to students, teaching staff and administrative and service staff.

These activities include talks, conferences and courses about cultural, religious or ethical topics at the University of Girona.



  • Narcís Gascons
  • Pilar Morera
  • Joaquim Rabaseda
  • Ramon Ripoll
  • Nuri Sanllehí


  • Dolors Puigdevall
  • Pere Carreras

What do we do?


Personal growth workshop for young people aged 15 and over
Managing your emotions, how to establish relationships, to develop personally and socially.
6 workshops during the course
Starts: Friday 16 October in Casal Cartañà (Antic Roca, 38)
Timetable: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

6th Catalan Parliament of Religions
"Signs of the times, time of symbols"
Individuals and groups from different religious traditions and diverse sensitivities, assessing and cultivating the spiritual dimension of life as a way of personal growth and dialogue with others, are especially welcome.
Meeting open to everybody
Day: Saturday, 17 October
Location: Campus barri vell de Girona


SAFOR supports the charitable activities of the CCU Friends Association.

  • Volunteering in projects in Chile and Cameroon
  • European volunteering at the residences of the Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Local volunteering at: Projecte futur (support secondary)
    Correctional facility, Driving action and risk course, “Dóna joc a la gent gran”


Feel free to ask us for any of the books below, should they be of interest to you
(send an email to )

  • "Les terceres vies de la democràcia econòmica" The personalism of Emmanuel Mounier and the 1929 and 2008 crashes by Joan Paredes Hernández
  • UNIVERSITY THOUGHT Different university professors think address the role of Christianity in the university’s pastoral society, theology studies at the University and Edimurtra
  • PERSONALISM. Emmanuel Mounier Institut Emmanuel Mounier de Catalunya, SAFOR, CCU
  • MANIFESTO AT THE SERVICE OF PERSONALISM. Emmanuel Mounier Institut Emmanuel Mounier de Catalunya, SAFOR, CCU

Useful links

Links to other pages that link faith and the university.
You can also find links about other subjects of interest.


the Bible on_line

Do you want to get involved?

Wednesday 14th October at 7.30 pm in Casal Cartañà:
start of the course and presentation of the Christian university centre activities

  • Local, European and international volunteering
  • Cultural
  • Faith and dialogue

Place: Antic Roca, 38


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