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Social Commitment

Ecosolidary Vegetable Garden Block

Project of social rehabilitation

L’Ecosolidary vegetable garden of the UdG it is a project of social rehabilitation destined to the users of the shelter La Sopa of Girona, where they also take part in it students of the UdG that sòcio-ambiental receive a learning.

The objective is double: on the one hand, to bring alimentary products to La Sopa and, of the other one, to send a programme of social rehabilitation that it will benefit to the same users of the centre through the ecological crop and the learning in management and production of urban vegetable gardens. For these tasks the users of La Sopa receive an accompaniment on the part of students of the UdG who take part in the programme of Solidary Activities of the area of Voluntariat, which will also benefit from this learning.

The Ecosolidary vegetable garden is an initiative of the area of Sustainability of the Unit of Social Commitment, the consortium of the shelter La Sopa, the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Department EQATA-EPS and the Christian University Centre (CCU).

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