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Internal quality assurance system

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The University of Girona’s Faculty of Law bases its management on an internal quality guarantee system (SGIQ) that establishes the processes and internal tools for ensuring and guaranteeing the quality of its teaching.

Here you will find the manual for the system and the processes it consists of.

process map

SGiQ processes

Code Name Document
P0100FD University of Girona’s Quality Management Systems Handbook Download
P0101FD Continuous improvement Download
P0102FD SGQ review Download
P0103FD Complaints, suggestions and congratulations system Download
P0104FD Creation and modification of pSGQ processes Download
P0201FD Degree design and verification Download
P0202FD Follow-up and improvement of qualifications Download
P0203FD Amending degrees Download
P0204FD Degree accreditation Download
P0205FD Cancelled degrees Download
P0301FD Drafting the course plan. Download
P0302FD Subject design Download
P0303FD Dual bachelor's degree design Download
P0402FD Bachelor's-degree and master’s-degree admission and enrolment Download
P0502FD Professional guidance: Download
P0601FD Exit of long-term mobility students Download
P0602FD Reception of mobility students Download
P06FD Monitoring and tutoring students Download
P0701FD Teaching and research staff access Download
P0702FD Assessment of lecturers Download
P0703FD Training teaching staff Download
P0704FD Recruiting administrative and service staff Download
P0705FD PAS appraisal Download
P0706FD Training administrative and service staff Download
P0707FD Access of teaching staff via venia docendi Download
P0801FD Improving facilities Download
P0901FD Teaching surveys Download
P0902FD Satisfaction surveys amongst holders of a bachelor's degree Download
P0903FD Job market insertion surveys Download
P0904FD Surveys for teaching staff Download
P09FD External placement regulations Download
P1001FD Website information publication Download
P18FD Organisation of material and functional resources Download

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