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Academic year 2021-2022

The academic calendar marks the beginning and end of classes, non-teaching days, holidays, exam periods, and so on. You can consult the academic calendar for bachelor's degrees and for each master's degree.

The administrative calendar shows the time spent on different administrative procedures.

Bachelor's degrees 2021-2022 administrative calendar PDF

Academic calendar for BACHELOR’S DEGREES

Beginning/end of 1st semester classes
From 13/09/2021 to 23/12/2021
January/February exams  
From 07/01/2022 to 03/02/2022
Bachelor's thesis defence (subject to application for bringing the exams forward)
27, 28 January and 1 February 2022
Beginning/end of 2nd semester classes
From 04/02/2022 to 19/05/2022
May/June exams  
From 20/05/2022 to 23/06/2022
Thesis defence
26, 27 and 31 May; 3, 8,16 and 22 June 2022

Academic calendar for the Master in Advocacy

Beginning/end of classes
First-year students: 04/10/2021 to 01/03/2022
Second-year students: 13/09/2021 to the 04/10/2021
Beginning/end of placements
First-year students: 07/03/2022 to 07/07/2022
Second-year students: 06/10/2021 to the 02/02/2022
Thesis defence
From 01/03/2022 to 15/03/2022


Beginning/end of classes
From 07/01/2022 to 01/04/2022
Retake exams
From 04/04/2022 to 22/04/2022
Masters Thesis Defence
2nd fortnight July - 1st fortnight September


Beginning/end of classes
From 04/10/2021 to 07/04/2022
Masters Thesis Defence
From 20/06/2022 to 23/06/2022

Holidays and non-teaching days

  • 12 October 2021
  • 29 October 2021
  • 1 November 2019
  • 06 December 2021
  • 08 December 2021
  • Christmas: from 24/12/2021 to 06/01/2022 (first and last dates inclusive)
  • Easter Week: from 11/04/2022 to 18/04/2022 (first and last dates inclusive)
  • 22 April 2022 (UdG's Big Annual Festival)
  • 06 June 2022
  • 24 June 2022

Administrative calendar

University pre-enrolment: Information

Application for transfer with 30 recognised credits: 15 to 30 April 2021.Go to procedure, regulations and application information

Application to change degree programmes within the bachelor's degrees offered in the faculty: (with a minimum of 30 shared first year credits) 15 to 30 June 2021.

Application for changing from a dual bachelor's degree to a single bachelor's degree: (for dual bachelor's degree students wanting to change to a single bachelor's degree. This will come into effect on submitting the application.) 15 to 30 June 2021.


Application for validations, adaptations and academic recognition applications for all studies: From 15.07.2021 to 26.10.2021

Recognised credit transfers: Recognised credit transfer is requested digitally by the different organising areas (Faculty, Sports Service, Office of Cooperation...) they enter it into the student’s transcript so that they can ask for recognition electronically through the Tràmits (Formalities) section.

  • For activities carried out in the Faculty, students who finish the first semester will be entered in the first half of March whereas students who finish the second semester will be entered in the second half of June.
  • If on requesting recognition the student receives an error message that does not correspond, at the end of each month the Secretary’s Office reviews all these incidents to resolve them, if appropriate.

Third language accreditation: Accreditation of mastering a language issued by the Modern Language Service of the UdG will be issued electronically at any time.

Students will be able to bring any accreditations of a language to the Academic Secretary's Office of their centre throughout the academic year.

</g>A bachelor's- or master's-degree student who needs to pass a single subject before they can graduate and who meets the requirements set out in the regulations governing students’ assessment processes and qualifications, may request a curricular assessment or compensated pass so they can have that subject approved in their academic record.

The request must be made once exam records are closed.

Degree certificate administrative formalities: The Academic Secretary’s Office periodically picks students who have finished their studies and reviews their transcript to check that everything is correct. If so, they close the transcript for completion of studies. The student will receive electronic notification of the closing of their transcript for completion of studies. From here, the certificate can be processed online.

Transcripts finished from mid-June onwards will not be reviewed until the end of September.

Group change request for students already enrolled in previous years in the same bachelor's degree: A change of group can be requested up to 7 working days from the day following the start of the academic year (13 September).

Group change request by students starting the bachelor’s degree: If a student starts the course later because they were given a place for pre-enrolment later, they will have 7 working days from the following day to complete their enrolment.

Group changes will be subject to the Faculty of Law’s Regulations on change of group for enrolled courses, as approved by Governing Committee 4/2019 of 13.06.2019. 

Application to cancel the entire enrolment: Until 19.11.2021

Enrolment extension:from 27.01.2022 to 07.02.2022

Application to meet the supplementary course requirements prior to the homologation of foreign degrees: Applications can be submitted throughout the academic year at the office of the secretary. The enrolment process will be completed within the time period given to submit applications for the following year.

Application for a visiting student to attend classes:

There are two periods:

  • 15 to 30 September 2021
  • From 1 to 15 February 2022

The regulations in force when the application is submitted will apply in deciding on the applications.

Request for a one-off assessment

With respect to the deadlines, it is established that, for those subjects that are taught throughout the four-month period, it is established that a one-off assessment may be requested up to 10 calendar days before the teaching for the semester has finished.

For those subjects, such as optional ones, whose teaching is concentrated in a shorter period, it is established that a one-off assessment may be requested up to 10 calendar days before the teaching of the subject itself has finished.


Application to cancel examination:

The Faculty has approved the deadlines for possible session cancellations and the following are established:

  • For compulsory first- and second-semester subjects that finish at the end of the semester, sessions can be cancelled up to 10 calendar days before the semester’s teaching finishes.
  • For compulsory first- and second-semester subjects that DO NOT finish at the end of the semester, sessions can be cancelled up to 10 calendar days before the course’s teaching finishes.
  • Bachelor's/master's theses (TFG/TFM) may be cancelled up to 4 calendar days before the deadline for handing them in. 
  • Optional subjects may be cancelled up to 10 calendar days before subject teaching finishes.

The procedure is activated at the end of September and when you carry out the cancellation procedure next to each course it will state the exact date on which the cancellation deadline ends.

Request for extraordinary final examination sessions: Bringing exams forward for completion of studies, including thesis and requests for examinations which the student wants to complete before a panel:

Request for grace examination session (4th): A bachelor's degree student who has taken an exam more than three times or a master's degree student who has taken an exam more than twice before registering must obtain permission for a final grace examination sitting.

To this effect, once the official records for each examination session have closed, an e-mail will be sent to all the affected students with the request application.

Applications will be accepted until 14.09.2021.

Generation and closure of qualification evaluations for the academic year 2021-2022:

  • January/February examination session, from 10.01.2022 to 18.02.2022
  • June examination session, from 30.05.2022 to 29.06.2022 (3 pm)
  • September examination session, from 02.09.2022 to 07.09.2022

Bachelor's degrees and master's degrees only have one examination session, which is either February or June.

The September examination session is only for internships and Master's thesis.

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