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Affiliation to organisations

On the part of the Faculty of Law

European Law Faculties Association (ELFA)

The European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) was founded to increase the quality of legal education in Europe by providing a platform for discussion and exchange. The aim of ELFA’s activities is to coordinate the process of reform of legal education in Europe, introducing new topics, promoting cooperation between Universities in Europe and representing Law Faculties vis-à-vis European Institutions, National Education Institutions, and Lawyers and Prosecutors’ Associations.

More information: https://elfa-edu.org

European Law Institute (ELI)

Founded in June 2011 as an entirely independent organisation, the European Law Institute (ELI) aims to improve the quality of European law, understood in the broadest sense. It seeks to initiate, conduct and facilitate research, make recommendations, and provide practical guidance in the field of European legal development.

The Institute has high ambitions, reflected in its Manifesto and its Articles of Association. It will study and stimulate European legal development in a global context. That should be taken to include, but by no means be limited to, the development of European law by the European Union and the Council of Europe.

More information: https://www.europeanlawinstitute.eu

Rotterdam Law Network (RLN)

It is a European network of law schools launched by the Rotterdam University Law School in 1996. Currently, there are 34 participants in the network:

  1. Innsbruck University
  2. University Ghent
  3. University Sofia
  4. University of Zagreb
  5. Masaryk University Brno
  6. University of Copenhagen
  7. University of Tartu
  8. University of Helsinki
  9. Aix Marseille University
  10. University of Paris Descartes
  11. University of Konstanz
  12. University of Tessaloniki
  13. Eotvos Lorand University
  14. University of Iceland
  15. University College Cork
  16. Milaan Bicocca University
  17. University of Latvia
  18. Mykolas Romeris University
  19. University of Skopje
  20. Erasmus University
  21. University of Bergen
  22. University of Warsaw
  23. University of Lissabon
  24. University of Bucharest
  25. University of Belgrade
  26. Comenius University
  27. University of Maribor
  28. University of Girona
  29. University of Salamanca
  30. Lund University
  31. Stockholm University
  32. Manchester University
  33. Warwick University
  34. Glasgow University

The main goal of the Network is to promote Student, Teaching, and Administrative Staff Mobility.

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