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Enrolment for 2023-2024

Master in Advocacy - Master in Tort Law and Master in Administrative Management

General information

There is an information section, after the general information, for new students and another for students who enrolled the previous academic year.

  • Master's degree timetables.You will find them from the Faculty web page under Academic information/Timetables and exams.
  • Start of classes  
    • Master in Advocacy: 2 October
    • Master in Tort Law: 8 January 2024
    • Master in Administrative Management: 3 October (welcome session for new students 2/10/2023 at 3 pm in the Sala de Graus in the Faculty of Law)
  • Documents. Students must bring the documents, duly accredited, which they declared during their pre-enrolment process. From the Office of the Secretary all the necessary documents will be required for their validation. If the documentation is incomplete, is the wrong type, or is not the same as the documentation stated at the moment to be assigned a place, the enrolment process cannot be completed.

  • Payment, instalments, deductions... The payment method for enrolment is generally direct debit, both in the case of single payments and for divided payments.For further information on payments and deadlines, etc., go to Point 1.4 of the Enrolment regulations for the academic year 2023-2024 .

You can consult the payment terms for requests for payments issued by the University.

The cases that entitle you to exemption from or the return of enrolment fees can be found in Enrolment – Allowances and Loans, as well as details of the supporting documents you will need to produce when formalising your enrolment.If you are entitled to any discounts that are not recognised, you will have the option to start the document recognition procedure from your file by pressing the corresponding “Request” button and attaching scans of the necessary documentation.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please consult the Scholarships and Grants Section of the UdG website, and complete all the online procedures before you enrol. Please take into account that if you enrol without having carried out these procedures, you will have to pay the enrolment fees.

It is important you consult the specific regulations for master's degree courses, which you will find on the University of Girona’s website .

Estudiants nous

Procés de matrícula:

Dates de matrícula: La matrícula dels màsters de la Facultat es podrà fer a partir del 21 de juliol i fins el 20 de setembre a les 24h telemàticament a través de l’automatrícula.   

Un cop s’iniciïn les classes se us reclamarà la documentació original. 

  • Límits de matrícula: El mínim de matrícula, el primer curs, es fixa en 30 crèdits  i el màxim en 60 crèdits.

estudiants matriculats el curs anterior

Màster en Advocacia

Els estudiants matriculats anteriorment al màster en Advocacia us podreu automatricular del 21 de juliol al 20 de setembre de 2023 (cal tenir tancada l'acta de l'assignatura Pràctiques externes I).

Màster en Dret de danys - Màster en Gestió administrativa

Els estudiants matriculats anteriorment us podreu automatricular del 20 de juliol al 20 de setembre de 2023.

Límits de matrícula: El mínim de matrícula en cas d'haver estat ja matriculats al màster es fixa en 24 crèdits o els pendents per finalitzar el màster, i el màxim en 60 crèdits.

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