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Enrolment for 2023-2024

New students of bachelor's degrees coming from transfer or change of study


This page’s contents

2- Secretary’s Office contact details

3- Enrolment calendar

4- Place of enrolment and general information

5- How the online enrolment programme works

6- Documents required for enrolment

7- Places in subject groups and group changes

8- Start of classes and collection of folders


Secretary’s Office contact details

Staff at the secretary’s office will answer any doubts you may have by e-mail at secretaria.dretieconomiques@udg.edu.


Enrolment calendar

Students admitted through the 30 recognised credits channel (transfer) will enrol face to face at the Faculty, on 17-18 July and receive an email with their instructions. 

Students admitted by the change-of-studies channel among the Faculty’s studies will receive an email message mid-July from the UdG to enter the link to the self-enrolment app and thereby obtain a date and time when they can enrol. The enrolment period will be open up to and including 28 July, 12 midnight.


Place of enrolment and general information



You will be able to enrol online:

  • From any computer with internet connection (from 08.00 to 01.00)

Enrolment cannot be done at the weekends or on university holidays.

The computer classrooms at the Faculty will remain open at your disposal.


All the information required for enrolment can be found on the website, or in the the student handbook.You will also find timetables, academic and administrative calendars, the examination session calendar, a guide to the subjects on offer and their programmes, and so on.

Before entering the online enrolment program, we recommend that you consult the timetables and have a draft version of the subjects you would like and the subject group to save time. It is also a good idea to prepare some alternatives in case the groups you requested are full.

Remember, you can enrol for a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 60 credits (with the exceptions provided for in the regulations).

It is important at the end of the enrolment to check and verify you are enrolled on what you wanted to study. You have until 1 am in the morning of the day you enrolled on to make your changes, after which your enrolment becomes final; changes may not be made outside the established period on the administrative calendar and for justified reasons.


Your bank domicile is required, otherwise the program will not let you continue. There are several payment methods to choose from:

In one single payment or in instalments (provided the minimum academic fee exceeds €200). The final amount is the same as it would be in a single payment (no interest is charged) and it can be divided into 2 or 3 instalments or a monthly payment (payments are made on the 5th of every month, with the last payment on 5 May).

You can consult the receipts’ payment deadlines.

Information on Allowances and exemptions and Scholarships.


How the online enrolment programme works

The Online enrolment guide  you have at your disposal tells you all about various topics such as credit transfer validations, grants and allowances.

Online enrolment is a very simple application based on several steps:

  • Identification.
  • Beginning of enrolment.
  • Personal details screen (date and place of birth and confirmation of whether or not you authorise sharing of your address and other details).
  • Selecting the course modules you would like to enrol on by marking them and checking that they appear in the bottom border. If you would like to delete any, you should mark them in the bottom border and they will disappear.
  • Make the relevant group changes (students can only choose the group if there are spaces)
  • Tick the enrolment conditions, optional services, add your IBAN account number and payment number. 
  • Check payment and confirm enrolment.
  • Printing two copies.
  • Exit.

Documentation required for enrolment

Once you are enrolled, the Secretary’s Office will review your dossier and ask you for the documents you will need to complete it.

  • Original and photocopy of the DNI
  • Receipt confirming the transfer fee has been paid for the original study where this is from a Spanish university.
  • International bank account number (IBAN).If you are not the account holder, you will need to carry out the online procedure to Communicate or amend bank details and attach a copy of the account holder’s DNI (national identity document). To access it you will have to enter your academic record, the Procedures tab and follow the application's instructions.
  • If more passed subjects appear on your academic record than on the one shown when the application was made:
    • Grade certificate or updated online academic record (if the original degree was at the UdG this is not necessary).
    • Programmes of the newly approved subjects, duly stamped (if the original degree was in our faculty this is not necessary).

Places in subject groups and group changes

For optional subjects, once they are full it is not possible to increase the group size, you’ll have to choose other optional subjects.

For compulsory subjects, group places will be assigned according to students’ order of enrolment. When the places offered have been filled, enrolment for that subject group will be closed and another will have to be chosen. Students must attend classes in the group in which they are enrolled.

In justified cases, such as having a job, you can ask to change groups for compulsory subjects. Applications for change of group can be submitted up to 7 work days as from the day following the start of academic year; the Faculty of Law’s Regulations for change of group of enrolled subjects will apply, as approved by Government Commission 4/2019 of 13.06.2019.Consult the procedure's conditions and deadlines Change of group in enrolled subjects.


Beginning of the classes and folder collection

COMMENCEMENT OF CLASSES: Monday, 12 September 2023.

Collecting your folder: A new feature will be added to La meva UdG before the start of the year on how you can collect your folder.

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