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Academic Secretary's Office

The Academic Secretary's Office manages all the administrative and academic formalities related to student records.
They inform and advise on any administrative processes related to enrolment, validated credit transfers and recognised credit transfers, curricular evaluation, extraordinary exam sessions, academic record transfer and the issue of certificates, among others. Any administrative procedure with the course coordinators is also processed from the secretary’s office.

For timetables, telephone numbers and email addresses, please see the section Academic information.

Auxiliary Enrolment Office

Part of the Academic Secretary's Office also functions as the Faculty's enrolment office.

  • October to May:
    • mornings: Monday to Friday 09.30 to 13.45
    • afternoons: Tuesday 15.30 to 16.30
  • June and September: Monday to Friday 09.30 to 13.45
  • July: Monday to Friday 09.30 to 13.15
  • Closed during August, Christmas and Easter.

Consult the timetables of UdG enrolment offices

Finance Office

The main task of the Finance Office is the control and the management of the different budgets that make up the Area of Studies (mainly the faculties, departments, institutes and chairs). The Finance Office manages payment of any type of expense generated in the Area of Studies; payments related to the competitions organised by teaching staff, doctoral theses, lectures and different events that are held in the faculties, as well as equipment, etc.

For any queries, please contact:

Tel.: 972 41 87 64
email: seconomica.dretieconomiques@udg.edu

Secretary of the Office of the Dean 
The dean is the highest academic authority in the Faculty. The Dean directs and coordinates the activities carried out, summons and presides over the Faculty Board and executes its agreements and ensures they are fulfilled.

The Secretary provides support to the team in the Office of the Dean (made up of the dean, vice-dean, secretary, course coordinators and centre administrator), keeps the website updated (except academic aspects) and posts academic activities students wish to announce on the portal so they appear in the activity report for the academic year.

For any queries, please contact:

Tel.: 972 41 81 10
email: deg.dret@udg.edu

Secretary of the Department of Public and Private Law

The departments bring together all teaching staff who mainly teach the Faculty qualifications. There are two departments in the Faculty: Public Law and Private Law.
Subjects related to doctoral degrees are managed by the Office of the Secretary of the departments, especially: information, pre-enrolment and enrolment. They also provide information on the location of the teaching staff (offices, timetable for student consultations, etc.), and on the activities carried out in the department. This information can be found on the noticeboards (office of the secretary and entrance to the Faculty) and the website.

For any queries, please contact:

Department of Private Law

Tel.: 972 41 81 38
email: secretaria.depdprivat@udg.edu

Department of Public Law

Tel.: 972 41 81 30
email: secretaria.depdpublic@udg.edu


All spaces can be rented by people and institutions outside the UdG. The Board of Trustees approves the rates every year, together with the budget of the UdG.
Bookings should be made via the online booking form in the section Classroom bookings

Porter's office

The staff in the Porter's office works to provide a range of activities to offer help and support to everyone. The office is located at the entrance of the building.
It carries out a very wide range of tasks such as opening and closing the building, attending to the university community (teaching staff, students, administrative and service staff, and anyone who comes in to the Faculty) fitting equipment, answering phone enquiries, sending and distributing faxes and correspondence, collecting work for teaching staff, hanging notices, being responsible for the first-aid kit, etc.

Opening hours:

  • October to May: Monday to Friday 07.45 to 21.15
  • June and September: Monday to Friday 07.45 to 20.45
  • July: Monday to Friday 07.45 to 19.15
  • August: non-compulsory holiday days 08.15 to 13.45
  • Christmas, Easter and the rest of August: closed

Please contact:

Tel.: 972 41 81 00  - 972 41 98 20 - 630 98 12 40 (no Porter's Office)

Email: consergeria.dretieconomiques@udg.edu

Computer Office of the Secretary

The role of the IT Secretary’s Office is essentially to provide IT support for the university community at the Faculty of Law (students, teaching staff and administrative and service staff) and see to the correct functioning of all hardware: servers, computers, printers, etc.

Here you can ask any questions about the functioning of the computers and software in the classrooms, as well as other IT services provided by the IT Secretary's Office.

For any queries, please contact:

Tel.: 972 41 81 24
email: Suport.dret@udg.edu


In the Faculty of Law, there is 1 self-service machine available, located opposite the computer rooms on level 0.

There is a repographic centre in the central pavilion of the Campus Montilivi.  

The reprography centres  offer large-format binding and printing services. Besides selling stationery and office material, they also provide students and teachers with a set of self-service computers they can print with.

If you wish to make an order, you do not have to do so in person at the reprography centre. Access the printing portal to place your orders online and collect them later when they are ready. 

Check the procedure for making photocopies.

For further information you can send an email to hola@justprint.es.


The Faculty bar has a daily set lunch menu.

Location: level 0
Opening hours: 

  • Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 19.00
  • opening hours vary over Christmas, Easter and the summer