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The University of Girona’s objective is to have a fully accessible website1. A website is accessible when a person, irrespective of any personal limitations and the type of device, can browse it.Most of the pages of the websites have an AAAlevel of accessibility, and we continue to work towards eliminating any elements that impede the pages’ accessibility.

The main actions the University of Girona is implementing are:

  • Modifying the online editor2 to edit the website so that it generates accessible HTML code.
  • Within the framework of the staff training plan, courses to edit the UdG website are being given, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the need to create websites and to train editors in the process they must follow to create accessible websites.
  • The UdG collaborates with developers at the centre of the free code tool DotNetNuke3, proposing improvements and modifications that increase accessibility.
  • Periodic reviews are made of the accessibility of both the most visited pages and randomly selected pages. 

1 The WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) sets the standards of website accessibility.

2 The editor used is CKEditor. No online website editor currently generates 100% accessible code.

DotNetNuke is the tool the UdG uses to manage its website.