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Cookies policy

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Cookies are small text archives that install themselves in IT devices which are used to access our website. They can identify the website user and which pages they browse. When the user (you, in this case) visits us again, the cookies are read to identify re-establish your browsing preferences and configuration. If a user does not authorise the use of the cookies, some website services or functions may not be available.

We want this site to offer good service and to be easy to use. To this end we use cookies from Google Analytics and DNN Software. This allows us to:

  • Collect and use your personal information to operate within the UdG website and provide the services you have requested. 
  • Statistically analyse the information which our website users access. The collected data can include the user's browsing activity when visiting us, the route they use around our website, information from their internet service provider, the number of times they visit the site and their patterns of use (pages visited, forms filled in and similar information).
  • Identify users who visit us at the invitation of an associated website or of a link sponsored.

You can obtain more information about DNN Software at To control the use and purpose of the data you can go to

You can obtain more information on Google Analytics at To control the compilation of data for analytical purposes on the part of Google Analytics, you can go to

You can revoke your consent to the use of cookies by eliminating them through the options that your browser offers you.

If you require additional information about the activity of companies advertising on the internet and how to eliminate your data from their records, we recommend you visit

You can configure your browser so that it informs you previously about the possible installation of cookies. You will also have the option of cookies being wiped automatically once the browser is closed or the device switched off. You can find information about how to do this: