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Chair of Educational renewal at the UdG - Can Trona

The last few years have seen Catalonia experiencing a new impetus for educational renewal, with several schools promoting renewal projects that fundamentally question traditional school “grammar” and “culture”.

Educational-renewal centres use empirical education, integrated into the environment and connected to the world.

The municipality of La Vall d'en Bas aims to promote the Can Trona space as a centre of knowledge and cultural dissemination in subjects relating to the environment, nature and landscape.

The Faculty of Education and Psychology supports the creation of the chair insofar as its main goals are closely connected to its area of knowledge and studies, and believes the chair’s goals held to achieve the schools’ needed educational transformation.

Chair of Didactics of Mathematics M. Antònia Canals

The purpose of the Chair is to promote the professional development of maths teachers and provide continuity to M. Antònia Canals’s legacy.

Its headquarters are in the Mathematics Research and Studies Office at the School (GAMAR), in the Biblioteca del Barri Vell at the University of Girona.

Chair of Sport and Physical Education

The Chair of Sport and Physical Education at the University of Girona (CEEF) is an institution created in 2005 for the University of Girona under an agreement with Banyoles City Council (whose city was subheadquarters for the 1992 Olympic Games in the discipline of rowing), and is basically dedicated to organising and running educational, dissemination and research activities in the field of Physical Education and sport.

It has also been Olympic Studies Centre (CEO) since year 2014 and is recognised by the Olympic Academy, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Studies Centre.

Chair of Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Social responsibility, sustainability and solidarity constitute the cornerstone of the university’s Third Mission. The goal of this mission must be to contribute to a model of social, cultural, economic and environmental innovation and development that is socially responsible and sustainable and with solidarity. The SRS has a strategic role in the transfer from knowledge and technology, combining innovation with the welfare of society.


Autism is a generic term used for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). The Autism Spectrum Disorders are a set of alterations that affect child neuro-development.

Movement and Languages Chair

The creation of the Movement and Languages Chair meets the conviction of promoting transfers of knowledge and research in the area of Movement and Languages through interdisciplinary and cross-cutting approaches, at Sant Gregori and at Girona with the aim of introducing inside and outside the academic arena. The chair is intended to boost synergies between movement and languages: artistic (dance in particular), scientific, social, literary, mathematical, in every field, thereby contributing to the culture of Catalan society.


The IRE, created in 2008, brings together the work of various research groups of the UdG about analysing, transforming and improving educational practice in both formal and informal contexts. It commits to contributing to educational research based on shared principles such as inclusion, sustainability, the gender perspective, equality and social cohesion.


The IRQV was created in April 1997 in order to promote and develop interdisciplinary research in the area of well-being and quality of life. It brings together 38 researchers from the departments of Economics, Nursing, Pedagogy and Psychology.

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