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Movement and Languages Chair

Movement and Languages Chair

The creation of the Movement and Languages Chair meets the conviction of promoting transfers of knowledge and research in the area of Movement and Languages through interdisciplinary and cross-cutting approaches, at Sant Gregori and at Girona with the aim of introducing inside and outside the academic arena. The chair is intended to boost synergies between movement and languages: artistic (dance in particular), scientific, social, literary, mathematical, in every field, thereby contributing to the culture of Catalan society.

The creation of the Movement and Languages Chair is aimed at putting the focus on knowledge transfer on both domestic and international levels, guiding the future strategies in the sector, innovating through applied research and thereby offering lines of improvement for competitiveness in the sector. This Chair aims to be a benchmark national and international centre in the area of movement and dance. It aspires to be a benchmark centre for the organisation of discussions and debates in movement and dance in civil society, in the media, and among all citizens. The chair aims to bring movement and dance, through the various languages, to every area, thereby contributing to Catalan culture.

The creation of the Movement and Languages Chair is in accordance with the University of Girona’s strategic priorities. More specifically, in the line of strategic goal 1.1 of the 2030 UdG Strategic Plan, which requires the University to become a fundamental player in the area as a result of increasing the shared commitment between the University and Girona’s enterprises and institutions, and constructing innovative ecosystems and promoting transfers, while pursuing results that are beneficial to all the parties.

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