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Academic certificate

What it is and how can I request it?

This is an official document that proves the information related to a course of study that the student is undergoing or has undergone.             

The information it contains:

  • University access data.
  • Information about the subjects taken and passed: name, type, credits and qualification of each.
  • Complementary information: subjects taken within the framework of mobility programmes and recognitions or validated credit transfers that have been made.
  • Weighted average mark.
  • Information about the qualification, if it has been requested.

Price: The fee established every academic year by the decree on public prices of the Government of Catalonia. Academic year 2022/2023: 27,27 €

How to apply for it:

You can ask for the personal academic transcript of your academic record. If you do not have the code and password to access it, you must send an email to the address secacademica.fep@udg.edu , attaching a photocopy of your DNI, and you will receive an email with instructions to activate your user account.

To access your academic records and obtain the certificate you must take the following steps:

Go to the UdG website> click on La meva UdG to identify yourself (put in the code and password)>Access La Meva UdG>Personal>Academic record>Application for personal academic transcript (follow the steps instructed on the application, pay the 27.27€ by card) and to finish the procedure, a document is generated in pdf format in the “Finished” window, which is the personal academic transcript. The document has an electronic signature. You can download it on your computer and print it as many times as you need. The certificate is issued in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Pre-1992 students’ files have to be put in contact with the certificates section for the purposes of making applications. The contact email is: titols@udg.edu

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