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The Directed Activities of the University of Girona Sports Service aim to foster healthy sporting habits using physical exercise through a wide variety of activities designed for the whole university community.

**If you are interested in taking part in any of the guided activities, but the timetable does not suit you, please suggest a suitable day and time. If there is a minimum of 8 people interested and we have a classroom and teacher, we will be able to go ahead, so don’t hesitate to ask! (

Information to note

  • They are structured by terms (from October to December; January to March and April to June).
  • Each activity is organised for an hour a week in Module 8 and/or Module 7 of the Montilivi Campus and/or in the gymnasium (classroom 226) of the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the Barri Vell Campus of the UdG.
  • If you register for more than one directed activity in the same term, significant discounts are available. The activities have to be completed in the same term in order to benefit from the discount.
  • Each session of guided activity is evaluated with 4 POINTS or 6 POINTS to obtain ECTS or free-choice credits in the subject 'Practice sport and leisure' (40 points).More information.