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Sport and recreation


  • Points can be collected by taking part in some of the variety of activities programmed by the Sports Service, such as university competitionsactivities, attendance at sports and health conferences, sports film forums, sport volunteering , summer activities , UdG Health Week, etc.
  • Participation in each of these activities is appraised with points depending on the activity published on our website.
  • Catalan University Championships:
    • Taking part in an individual sports day: 20 points
    • Taking part in a team sports day: 20 points
  • Spanish University Championships:
    • Representing the UdG in an individual sport: 40 points
    • Representing the UdG in a team sport: 40 points
  • When a student has accumulated 40 points during the same academic year (they cannot be accumulated in more than one academic years) combining any of the activities and/or competitions in the programme, they can obtain 1 ECTS.
  • DON’T FORGET! 40 points = 1 ECTS, on payment of an inscription fee for "Practising sport and recreation"

ENROL for "Pursuit of sport and leisure"

Consult the POINTS OBTAINED  (temporarily out of order, if you need to consult the points write to ) We apologise for any  inconvenience! 


  • Enrolment for Practising sports and leisure must be completed for every 40 points. For example, to earn 80 points, students must first enrol for 40 points (29 euros), then for the next 40 points (29 euros), giving 80 points, and so on until they get the credits for the points earned they want recognising.
  • Moreover, according to the “Regulations on recognition and transfer of credits in bachelor's degree studies”, to incorporate the recognised credits into their academic record, students must pay the amount set by the Decree on Prices issued by the Government of Catalonia. In the case of private studies, such as EUSES, it is 25% of the cost of the credit transfer at the school (about 28 euros), and for public studies the price is about 6 or 7 euros per credit.
    Further information
  • The period for collecting points is from 1 October 2023 to 15 September 2024. You can pay for enrolment for "Practising sport and recreation" at any time throughout the year, as long as you have earned the minimum number of points.

Què és "Pràctica esportiva i de lleure"?

És el nom genèric de l'assignatura, a la qual t'has d'inscriure i fer el pagament, un cop s'han sumat els punts de les diferents activitats, competicions i/o voluntariats que hagis realitzat amb el Servei d'Esports.

El preu de la matrícula a "Pràctica esportiva i de lleure" és de 29 €  per cada 40 punts aconseguits.

Quines activitats es poden realitzar amb l'assignatura de "Pràctica esportiva de lleure"?


  • POINTS are NOT accumulated in different academic years. 
  • The deadline for earning points for the 2023-2024 academic year is 15 September 2024.
  • 40, 80,120 and/or 160 points must be earned throughout the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • In the event of a claim for points, these must be made in a maximum in 3 months, after the close of the previous year.

SUMMARY diagram of how to obtain credits through the Sports Service

How to obtain credits with the service from sports?

  • Subjects:
    • Recognition: 1 ECTS credit with generic name "Sport practice and health"
  • Activities:
    • Guided, competitions, conferences, classes, snow, summer and/or volunteering.
    • Points earned for each activity completed.
    • Enrolment in 'sports and leisure practice':
      • Price € 29
      • Every 40 POINTS amount to 1 ECTS credit, maximum 240 points.

Enrolment for “Sport and health”

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