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During the summer you can continue doing sport and accumulating ECTS for the UdG’s academic recognition program. We offer you a series of June, July and September courses where you can continue to do sport after your classes have finished, and which enable you to gain the credits you still need. Each course is equivalent to 1 ECTS.

Outstanding aspects



+Introduction to via ferratas and canyoning (1 ECTS)

Introduction to via ferratas and canyoning (1 ECTS)

A course with two outings that has both an educational and a practical approach and is aimed at anyone who would like an introduction to canyoning and via ferratas with maximum safety and guarantees.Course attendees will learn to recognise the different elements of canyoning/via ferrata and the basic safety techniques. Course attendees will be given the opportunity to experience a whole host of sensations... and they will also find themselves in a variety of situations, with the aim of discovering as much as possible about these sports. Teacher: Carlos Folguera
+Introduction to padel (Mon to Thur or Fri, 10 am to 12 noon or 5 pm to 7 pm) (1+1 ECTS)

Introduction to padel (Mon to Thur or Fri, 10 am to 12 noon or 5 pm to 7 pm) (1+1 ECTS)

Intensive 7-session beginner's course in this racket sport, to find about out its rules, basic structure and technical behaviour and specific basic tactics and games adapted from this sport discipline
1+1 ECTS: this subject enables you to take out an extra 1 ECTS for free, if you take up tennis doing the small match league between your subject colleagues (minimum 8 matches). Coordinated and directed by the teacher of the subject:  Teachers: Robert, Martí or Pau.
+Perfecting your padel (Mon to Thur, 5 pm to 7 pm) (1+1 ECTS)

Perfecting your padel (Mon to Thur, 5 pm to 7 pm) (1+1 ECTS)

Intensive 7-session perfection course for improving the specific technical and tactical behaviour of padel strategy through specific exercises and adapted games.To register you must have done the introductory tennis course or have a high level of play (your level will be checked).
1+1 ECTS: this subject allows you to obtain 1 extra ECT for free if you enter the small match league between your subject colleagues (minimum 8 matches). It is coordinated and managed by the Sports Service. Teachers: Pau, Martí or Alan.
The course requires a MINIMUM OF 4 PEOPLE.
+Introduction to the aeri_Unnata- Summer yoga (1 ECTS)

Introduction to the aeri_Unnata- Summer yoga (1 ECTS)

11 sessions to get to know Unnata yoga, meaning ‘high yoga’ in Sanskrit, both spiritually and physically. It is a type of yoga that has evolved from the traditional method, introducing the use of an air acrobatics hammock to bear the weight of the body and to be able to do many of the positions with the body partly or totally suspended, using gravity to realign the body. This allows for improved flexibility to strengthen the body, lengthen the spine and relax the nervous system. It is a way of getting into shape while experimenting with the pleasure of yoga embraced by the hammock. No previous experience is required; anybody in good health can benefit from doing Unnata® air yoga. Teacher: Cristina Planellas
+Introduction to the Kundalini yoga (1 ECTS)

Introduction to the Kundalini yoga (1 ECTS)

11 sessions to get to know and practice this dynamic yoga, known as the yoga of consciousness, which consists of simple techniques that anybody can master. It keeps the body in shape and trains the mind to be strong and flexible to be able to cope better with changes and stress. Posture, breathing techniques and meditation, all directed at fostering students’ well-being with their demanding academic schedules, strengthening their health and their emotional and interior balance. Teacher of Girona Happy Yoga, director: Cristina Planellas.
+Introduction to diving (2 days) -1 ECTS-

Introduction to diving (2 days) -1 ECTS-

Students will be introduced to the wonders of the Costa Brava sea. This will include a full theory part on all the safety and planning procedures for diving. The basic techniques for diving will be learned so student will end up feeling independent and have diving, their and safety procedures under control. Course recognised by the Catalan government. With 8 additional hours of practice and on payment of the fee, the first level certificate can be obtained. Teacher: Fran Gómez Student testimony from the satisfaction survey (May 2015): The course seemed too short because I enjoyed it so much. Time well spent, very good environment, camaraderie and very good instructors. The instructors are dedicated to the work they do, and even more so to the environment. You can see they have fun doing the work they do and this is what they conveyed to us. Piscis Diving School in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

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