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How does the UdG's Tutoresport Programme work?

The </g>UdG-Tutorsport Programme-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND- consists of giving high-level or performance athletes enrolled at the UdG an opportunity of being supported by a tutor member of the teaching staff who will help with sorting out problems over making academic life compatible with participation in competitions, gatherings or official training sessions.

The tutor will guide and provide the student with support and manage the change of exam dates or internships.

If you want to be part of the UdG’s High-Level Athlete Support programme you must accredit:

  • HIGH-LEVEL student athletes recognised by the public administrations in the OFFICIAL LISTINGS
    • Catalan high level (Decree 337/2002)
    • Catalan high performance (Decree 337/2002)
    • Alto rendimiento (RD 971/2007)
    • ADO / ADOP Alto Nivel BOE (RD 971/2007)
  • Highly committed athletes
    • Student athletes who are part of Sport selection teams
    • Catalan team (federated and/or university)
    • National team (federated and/or university)
  • Student athletes of HIGH UNIVERSITY LEVEL
    • EUC / CEU / CCU medal holders from the previous year
    • University selection team for this year
  • Student athletes of entities with an agreement who fulfil the listed requirements
    • Proposed by the university itself (agreement or own regulations)
    • ECU-TUTORESPORT agreement with UFEC and/or other entities
  • Student athletes participating in European and World Championships

To access the Tutoresport-UdG programme, the student must expressly apply to the University – Sports Service − which will accept or deny it.

To access the programme, students must first sign a letter of commitment accepting the regulations of the programme, and then, if deemed necessary, request an interview in order to specify the choice and number of credits to enrol for.

Once the application has been accepted, the programme director will propose a tutor for each student at the proposal of the dean or director of the centre. A tutor’s appointment is indefinite, lasting as long as their student stays on the programme or until the programme’s directors ends their appointment, whether on their own initiative or at the request of the tutored student.

Tutors will preferably be experts in their students’ respective areas of knowledge.

Where so permitted by the academic calendar, students who take part in the programme will be entitled to change the dates not just of their exams and other assessment activities but also their practicals should these coincide with official competitions or official preparation gatherings. 

Consult the programme .

*To enter this programme you will need to contact Jordi Buch, by phoning 972 02 or emailing , and fill in the application form .

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