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New mobile app for reserving courts “ReservaPlay”

Sports Service

With the aim of improving and facilitating the reservation and payment process to hire tennis and paddle courts, we now have the "ReservaPlay” app

How do I register in the app?

All users who they want to make a reservation must download the app to register themselves and activate their account by clicking on the link you will receive by email. Everyone at the UdG (ex-students included) must register with the email address you use at the university.

1. You must put "UdGEsports" in the search engine.

2. Fill in all your personal details

3. If you are or have been a student at the UdG, you must register with the email address you use for UdG applications.

4. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a message via the email you used to register. Click on the activation link to finish the process.

5. Activate the notifications and choose your game level.

6. Then open the application with your username (the system assigns as your username everything that goes before the @ in your email address, but if you want you can change it) and the email address you used to register.

7. Once inside the application, click on the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen and fill up the "virtual purse" to have enough credit to make a reservation or so that a colleague can include you in their reservation, and the system discounts the corresponding amount from your purse.

If you have any queries, doubt or for more information, call us on 972 41 80 60.

Video tutorials

  • Video 1: how to register with the application
  • Video 2: how to reserve for a match and what an open game is.

Sports service digital identification card

Through the University of Girona application, all members have a digital identification card to identify themselves whenever they need to. Click on the "Virtual card" image and slide across the UdG identification card until it shows you the Sports Service identification card.

With the incorporation of this mobile application, the Sports Service is making a clear commitment to sustainability, thereby avoiding having to print out almost 4,000 PVC ID cards each academic year!

Watch this video to see how it works.

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