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Basic information

2022-2023 programme with recognition of 1 ECTS credit (bachelor's degree studies)

Enrolment from Monday, 4 July 2022

Activities and studies can be carried out with the Sports Service under the Bologna plan’s curriculum, with a maximum of 6 ECTS for bachelor's-degree studies.

To obtain recognition of at least 1 ECTS, it is possible to do the following subjects:

L) Introduction to sport and health. They are semester-long subjects which are evaluated based on compulsory attendance on the course with a lecturer and an individual evaluation based on the sports practice proposed for each academic year. For the 2022-2023 course, around 15 different subjects have been scheduled. The programme is evolving and new subjects can be added during the year. 

II) Sports and leisure practice. It consists of taking part in activities programmed by the Sports Service like university contests, leisure activities, attendance at sports and health lectures, sports cinema forums, voluntary work at sports seminars, etc.

Participation in these activities is appraised with POINTS indicated for each activity detailed on the contests score board published on our website. When students have accumulated 40 points combining any of the activities and/or contests of the programme, they have to register and pay the registration free for ‘Sports and leisure practice’ and they will obtain 1 ECTS.

Alert! Enrolment on "Sport and leisure practice" costs €29. 

I) Enrolment for ‘Introduction to sport and health’ starts on Thursday, 4 July 2022 at 9 am only through the Sports Service web page. To access the system you will need the user name and the password that you use to access all the web applications of the UdG (the academic record, p e). Registration ends when all the places have been filled or when the course starts.

Remember that places may become free as long as the subject has not started, so registration will remain open. During this period, the Sports Service does not control the process as it is the computer system that frees up a place when someone cancels their place.

When the registration period ends, there will be a waiting list. If there are no places free on the activity you are interested in, write to and give your details (name and surnames, UdG code and telephone number) so you can be contacted if a place becomes available on one of the activities you would like to do before the start of the activity.

II) Registration for ‘Sports and leisure practice’ will start on 7 November and remain open during the entire course (until 30 September of every course). The enrolment has to be made once the 40 points have been achieved, the deadline for achieving this total is the 24th of September of each academic year.To access the system, you will need the username and password used to access all the web applications of the UdG (e.g. the academic record).

If at the time of registration you wish to benefit from the special price for members, become a member at the time of academic registration or in the days prior to registration so that the system applies the discounted price to the credits.

Attention: if you do not have user name or password yet, address yourself to the computer operator of your centre.

Activities of various sessions

The price of the activities is based on the materials required an the complexity of the activities. You can check the price together with the information on each activity.

  • €68 for Sports Service members and € 101 for non-members. (*)
  • € 86 for Sports Service members and € 119 for non-members. Introduction to canyoning, Introduction to high altitude climbing, etc.(*)
  • € 109 for Sports Service members and € 145 for non-members. More expensive subjects such as Introduction to horse riding and to handling horses or the Introduction to diving (*)
  • Weekend activities
    • € 109 for Sports Service members and € 145 for non-members (*).

The price does not include, if applicable, additional expenses for commuting, complementary activities, etc.

The fees will be charged when the subjects start in the 1st semester and the 2nd semester, respectively. If you have registered for the second semester, however, this will not be charged until the beginning of March of every course.

You have the possibility of modifying and/or cancelling your enrolment as long as the payment has not been made. You can cancel from "My enrolment", so that we do not charge you for the subject if you are unable to do it in the end. Once charged, the fees will not be returned. (*)

Sports and leisure practice

  • €29 for all students. 

The price does not include, if applicable, registrations for university contests, additional expenses for leisure activities, etc.

You should enrol once you have achieved the 40 points, 80, 120 points etc. necessary for each Sport and leisure practice subject.

ATTENTION: TO INCORPORATE THE RECOGNITION OF THE CREDITS (once you have received a pass), THE ACADEMIC SECRETARY'S OFFICE WILL CHARGE THE CORRESPONDING FEES (20%, in public studies, of the cost of the ECTS on the course currently being studied)

(*) The registration fee will only be returned if the activity cannot be carried out due to lack of registrations. Once payment has been made, the money will not be returned.

In order to obtain a pass, the following is necessary:

Subjects in Introduction to sport and health:

  • Attendance to all the sessions of the course (100%) and passing the final individual evaluation.

The activities of Sports and leisure practice:

  • Obtain 40 points. The time limit to obtain 40 points is 24 September of every course. Registration for ‘Sports and leisure practice’ is until 30 September of every course.

ATTENTION: In order to pass, it is necessary to complete and pass everything in one academic year.

The Sports Service will grant a pass (**) to all students who pass the evaluation satisfactorily. Students have to request the recognition by accessing the web page of their academic record > procedures > credit recognition where, if they have passed, the Sports Service will have offered its availability.

To incorporate the credits, it is necessary to pay the corresponding fees (20%, in the public studies, of the cost of 1 ECTS in the student's course of study).

(**) The credits/ECTS considered a pass are valued with the average mark of the record, so they do not increase or decrease the final mark.


All students will be able to incorporate a maximum of 6 activities of the Sports Service (6 ECTS credits) carried out in one or more academic courses into their academic record. The subjects will be called Sports Practice and Health 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 in the chronological order in which the student passes them, regardless of the practical activity carried out.

DO SPORT! IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE AS A STUDENT! We propose you  multiple possibilities to make sport and health and to relate ECTS with other university students with recognition at least of 1 credit.

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