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Week of the Health

UdG Health Week 2021.

We will be holding Health Week 2021 at the University of Girona from 6 to 9 April 2021, with outdoor sport activities and some online activities, if allowed by the COVID-19 safety and prevention measures. 

Look after yourself, we’re counting on you!

What is the Week of the health of the UdG?

With the aim of coinciding with World Physical Activity Day (6 April) and World Health Day (7 April), this year we invite you to take part in the 2021 Health Week activities under the slogan 'Look after yourself - we're counting on you'. The celebrations will invite you to reflect on the benefits of a lifestyle with emotional well-being, healthy physical activity and a balanced diet.

Aiming to promote healthy habits among the university community and Girona society, the Social Commitment Unit, the Sports Service and the Occupational Health Office have all collaborated to offer free activities, workshops and lectures to celebrate Health Week at the University of Girona’s various campuses.

All the activities are free, although Sports Service activities require assistance monitoring and registration. It be necessary to register there previously, for the limited seating of the spaces that accommodate them. 

If you are a student and want to earn POINTS to exchange for ECTS  with this week’s activities from the Sports Service, you can do so according to your interests by specifically registering on the Sports Service web page.

If you are not a student but wish to take part in the Sports Service's activities, you can register with its website up to the start of the activity or all the places have been taken. If you are not a member of the university community you will have to send an email to with your details before you can register. 

Sports activities programme for Health Week 2021's Sports Service

We encourage you to share your activity during Health Week on the various social media sites with the hashtag #salutUdG21

Important note:

As the activities are free of charge and places are limited, please book responsibly. It is indispensable that, if cannot assist, you leave the free square (it is so much simple as to enter into the web where you have registered and to cancel the enrolment). The registered persons and that they do not assist nor retire with anticipation they will not be able to accumulate points of the programme of Practical Sport and of Leisure.

Video of the Edition 5ª of the Week of the Healthy Sport in the UdG

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