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New master's degree students



Enrolment periods 2019 - 2020

You will be able to enrol from 22 July to 20 September


Place of enrolment

From any computer with an internet connection (from Monday to Friday 8 am to 1 am)


Information to read before completing enrolment

It is important you consult the regulations that affect the master's degree courses, especially the following

All the academic information you need to enrol can be found on the PS website (timetables, academic and administrative calendars, exam calendar, etc.)


Required documentation

Students accessing a master's degree for the first time at the University of Girona must take the following general documentation to the corresponding Academic Secretary's Office:

1. Certified photocopy of the valid accrediting document: 

  • For students of the EU and other countries (*): National ID card, document accrediting the country, or passport.

(*) United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Andorra

  • Non-EU students:
    • For stays over 6 months: Photocopy of TIE (foreigner identification card). If you do not have a TIE yet, you should take your passport and a copy of the TIE application (containing the NIE). The TIE must be presented within 3 months.
    • For academic stays of less than 6 months, a valid passport with the visa for the study period.

2. Accreditation of the right to allowances or exemptions. If you have any type ofexemption you should be aware that it must be valid on the day on which you enrol.  You need to provide the Academic Secretary's Office with the original and a photocopy of the valid document before enrolling to avoid any problems on the day of enrolment. You can find information on allowances and loans in the following link.

In the case of the large family allowance you need to provide proof of the number of family members. If this does not appear on your individual identity card then you need to show your family identification card.

3. If you wish to pay the enrolment fees by direct debit and are not the bank account holder, you need to provide the completed communication/update of bank details. A photocopy of the account holder’s ID document must be attached. You can take it to the Academic Secretary's Office or scan and send it to infoacademica.eps@udg.edu

4. The document to accredit access follows:

  • Students who have received a qualification or completed a course at UdG and have requested the qualification online do not have to provide documentary evidence of the courses completed.
  • Unless previously provided, all other students have to provide:
    • A certified photocopy of the stated university degree or certification stating that it has been issued in order to gain access.
    • Academic certification of the courses carried out to obtain the corresponding certificate, which states, among others, the duration of the programme studied, the subjects taken with details of the optional subjects in hours and the qualifications and average grade obtained.

If the documentation needs to be legalised, it will be necessary to bring a sworn translation if written in a language other than Catalan, Spanish or English.

In the event of any doubt about the authenticity, validity or contents of the documents provided, actions necessary to verify them shall be carried out, as well as being presented to the expediting authority to validate the points in question, including countries that are part of the European Union.

In the event that any of the documents provided is not accepted, the enrolment will be annulled.

Online enrolment is provisional and you will need to take the original documentation to the Academic Secretary's Office of the teaching centre on the first day of classes.

All documentation must be taken to the Academic Secretary's Office of the teaching centre before 31 December 2019.


How does the online enrolment program work?

Access the online enrolment program from La Meva UdG and follow the instructions on various screens. Online enrolment guide 

Besides this you should take into account:

  1. Access: to access the online application, you have to introduce your username and the password given to your by the Postgraduate Centre in the admissions email. Next go to “La meva UdG” and access your record in the “enrolment” tab.
  2. Personal details screen: check your details are correct; especially the box relating to whether or not you allow your address to be shared.
  3. Subjects screen: 

    Places in subject groups will be assigned according to the enrolment order of students. When a subject group is full no more students will be admitted (for compulsory subjects another group will be assigned but once optional subjects are full they cannot be expanded). Students have to go to the classes for their assigned group. 

    It is important to make sure you are enrolled for the subjects you wish to take as changes cannot be made outside the established administrative calendar. 

    You can change your enrolment as many times as you like during the same day, but after 01.00 no further changes can be made. Because of that it is very important that you select well the subjects and especially the groups to avoid overlaps.  

    The Enrolment guidelines do not allow changes if there have not been changes in the timetable. For justified and exceptional cases, any potential changes to enrolment will be assessed and resolved. To make any changes, an application must be taken to the Student Information and Advice Centre (CIAE) registration office addressed to PS management, stating any reasons you believe to be relevant. 

  4. Payment screen

You can check the cost of credits and University payment terms.

Direct debit is the payment system generally accepted during online enrolment. To this effect, the student enrolment application form requires the bank account to be charged to be specified and the account holder to be declared. 

Students who cannot pay the enrolment fees by direct debit, especially those that have problems due to being resident outside Spain, may pay by credit card.

Allowances and exemptions: if you have any type ofexemption you have to take into account that it must be valid on the day you enrol.

You should take into account the payment terms, which can be consulted on the Payments and returns calendar webpage.


How to contact the Academic Secretary's Office

Since the answers to most questions about enrolment and administrative processes can be found on the UdG/PS website, queries will not be answered by phone throughout July in order to speed up administrative processes related to enrolment.

To reduce waiting times and avoid queues in the Academic Secretary's Office, you can send your queries by email to infoacademica.eps@udg.edu. We will try to answer in a maximum of 48 hours.

Office hours are Monday to Friday:

  • 1 to 30 June: 09.30 to 13.45
  • 1 to 31 July: 09.30 to 13.15
  • 1 to 30 September: 09.30 to 13.45

In August the Academic Secretary's Office will be closed.


Please be aware


Master's degree students have two exam sessions (bachelor's degree students have three) to pass each of the subjects (one every year). Being “absent” will count as having attended the exam.

In order for it not to be counted, you can request a cancellation up until the date established in the academic and administrative calendar.


Class start and end dates


  • Master in Architecture: 20 September 2019
  • Master in Industrial Engineering: 16 September 2019

For further information please see the academic calendar.