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Depending on the Bachelor's Degree you have enrolled for, the basic courses to take are the following:

Mathematics Physics Chemistry Drawing 
Mechanical Engineering X X X X
Chemical Engineering X X X X
Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering X X X X
Electrical Engineering X X X X
Engineering in Industrial Technologies X X X X
Double degree BEE-BAIEE X X X X
Double degree BEIT-ABM X X 2nd year 2nd year
Biomedical Engineering X X X  
Agricultural Engineering X X X X
Food Innovation and Security X X X  
Architectural Studies X X   X
Technical Architecture and Construction X X   X
Computer Engineering X X    
Video Game Design and Development X X   X

At the Polytechnic we wish to emphasise the importance of taking these courses. These intensive on-site classes associated with the course take place in September before the start of the academic year, and go over the material the teaching staff in charge consider to be essential. Given the exceptional nature of this course, classes will be given in virtual format. Every basic course will consist of 16 hours of online classes before the start of the course. Basic courses do not have to be enrolled on to be attended. You only need to access the courses’ moodle where you will find the link where you will find the link to where the virtual classes are given in their planned timetable.

Basic courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Drawing (1 to 10 September 2021) online sessions. Open

Basic courses based on self-directed learning will have consolidation sessions from 1 to 10 September. 

Open to all students enrolled in the first year. 

Given the exceptional nature of this course, classes will be given in online format through the Blackboard Collaborate</g> platform. You will find the link in the courses’ MOODLE.

Timetable for online basic courses for the academic year 2021-2022
From 1 to 10 September

      Wednesday, 1 Thursday, 2 Friday, 3
9-11     Mathematics Chemistry Mathematics
11-13     Physics Drawing Physics
15-17     Chemistry Mathematics Chemistry
17-19     Drawing Physics Drawing
  Monday, 6 Tuesday, 7 Wednesday, 8 Thursday, 9 Friday, 10
9-11 Chemistry Mathematics Chemistry Mathematics Chemistry
11-13 Drawing Physics Drawing Physics Drawing
15-17 Mathematics Chemistry Mathematics Chemistry Mathematics
17-19 Physics Drawing Physics Drawing Physics

</g>Download the timetable for basic courses for the academic year 2021-2022 (September) in PDF format

You can clear up any queries with staff in charge of: 


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