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Bachelor's thesis / master's degree thesis

Bachelor's and master's degree procedure


Do you have an idea for a project?

After enrolling on the subject, you can propose a project idea about from the School’s TFGM app or look for a proposal from a teacher or Research Group that you will find in the "Available subjects" section in your profile and study: https://aserv2.udg.edu/TFGM/EPS 

Consult the user manual

Find a tutor for yourself.


Drafting the proposal

You will need to explain, in your proposal's “Description” field, what you will be doing during your Bachelor's thesis (TFG) / Master's thesis (TFM). See the various periods for handing in your proposal:


Take into account that:

  • The Bachelor's thesis / Master’s thesis is automatically sent to the person you propose as your supervision once you click on the "Propose subject” box. This needs to be formalised once you start your Bachelor's thesis / Master’s thesis and, at the very latest, during the period before you intended to defend it.  
  • You will have to state the (current academic year) call for the start and presentation of the Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis. Depending on the dates when you formalise the proposal you will be able to choose between the current academic year's February, June or September. If you are ultimately unable to your Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis during the dates provided for, you will have to recycle your proposal in the following academic year and it will be automatically authorised for you.

  • If you do your Bachelor’s / Master's thesis in collaboration with a company or institution, you have to go there regularly and you have not been hired (employment contract), remember that you will need to sign an educational collaboration agreement for extracurricular placements. For further information contact the practicals officer by emailing to empresa@eps.udg.edu
  • If there is an express request from a company or third parties involved in the Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis that requires the protection of project content, this may be considered confidential. In such cases, you will have to tick the proposal’s corresponding box and fill in the company name and the external tutor’s name and email fields.


Bachelor's Thesis / Master's Thesis Committee

Should the Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis Committee for each study, which will have reviewed the submitted proposals, consider an amendment necessary, you will be informed of this by email. You will receive an email notifying you of this. You will have 2 days at your disposal to submit it again through the TFGM application https://aserv2.udg.edu/TFGM/EPS. The Committee also decides whether to accept Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis confidentiality requests.

Once accepted the proposal for the Commission, this has one validity of 2 years(*). Once this time has been gone by, consult the Coordinator if being able to continue with the same Thesis/Final Project, renewing it, or if it being necessary to you to show a new proposal.

(*)If you do not submit and defend your thesis in the same academic year that the proposal is accepted in, you will have to re-enrol for the subject in the academic year you wish to defend your Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis.


You can then begin your project

You can start your project as soon as you receive approval from the Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis Committee.

Please note! Remember that, as stated in step 2, if you do your Bachelor’s / Master's thesis in collaboration with a company or institution, you have to go there regularly and you have not been hired (employment contract) in advance, you will need to sign an educational collaboration agreement for extracurricular placements. For further information contact the practicals officer by emailing to empresa@eps.udg.edu

As you progress you will be able to upload drafts of your final project for your supervisor to monitor.


Depositing your Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis

Once you've finished your bachelor's thesis / master's thesis and in keeping with the calendar on your subject’s Moodle, you will need to upload a .ZIP file containing all the necessary documents so that the Technical Office, where appropriate, can review and authorise your work. If it validates it, your deposited thesis can be its final version or you can upload last-minute amendments to it. Once the deadline for depositing your thesis has ended (see the delivery deadline stated below) it will be your tutor who validates the delivery.

Each academic year has 3 calls (February, June and September), one to be chosen for depositing a student’s Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis, each with its own delivery deadline(take note!! Consult the subject’s Moodle as there may be intermediate delivery dates that you will have to abide by). Once the deadline has ended, you will not be able to upload your Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis, as it will be too late and you will need to move on to the following call.


  1. As students you are responsible for the information that you are sending.
  2. You must keep to the deadline for the deposit day set out on the website and in the application. Bachelor's theses / Master's theses deposited outside their deadline will not be accepted.



  • 1 complete copy of the Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis (remember to include a 2-to-5-page summary).

Note: only Bachelor's theses / Master's theses classed as non-confidential and with a mark equal to or greater than “notable” (8) will be available to the public viewing from the DUGI, where authorised. Others will not be publicly accessible.


Defending and assessing bachelor's and master's theses

On the day and at the time assigned, the examination board chosen by the projects committee will meet the student for their Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis presentation and defence. Bachelor's thesis / Master's thesis defence times are published in advance on the School's website, in the examination boards section.Defences are public. Any member of the community will be able to find out about the works being defended there, their author, the members of the examination board and the date and the time of the defence. 

Once the defence and questions session have finished, the examination board’s members will decide on the qualification and the final grade will be issued. This decision will be taken solely in the presence of the examination board's members. The theses’ notes will be published in their corresponding exam record and in the application, where the student will be able to see the assessment rubric.

Remember that should you fail the subject you will have to re-enrol on it in the following academic year, provided the academic progress regulations (for both bachelor's and master’s degree studies) allow this.

Guidance videos

Before you begin, we recommend that you watch a series of short videos: Pau, a Computer Engineering student, has to do a project and does not know where to start...


You will find the current regulations for bachelor's degree and master's degree theses/dissertations in the Rules and guidelines section.

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