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EPS LAB is a space where companies in the region can conduct quantitative and qualitative market research, with an objective public such as university students. The main objective is to favour university and business relations.

What is the EPS LAB?

EPS LAB is an activity promoted by the Polytechnic Board of Trustees and managed by the Polytechnic School. EPS LAB will enable Girona's business fabric to make the most of the university's presence to obtain input during the launch process of new products or services and thereby offer the market better products, packaging, services, etc.through the preview quality testing and feedback it will receive from university students grouped by the company. Participants will be mainly between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, mostly from selected disciplines and genders, although meetings may also be held with the lecturers themselves depending on the enterprise’s needs.

For further information, you can listen to the FEM Girona interview with Mr Gerard Lechuga, the promoter of the Polytechnic Board of Trustees (radio) or visit the Association’s website .

Who might it be of interest to?

  • A company with a final product targeted at mass consumption
    • Agricultural 
    • Perfumery & Cosmetics
    • Packaging
    • Distribution
  • New technologies 
    • Applications
    • Games
  • Companies in general that want to test or validate a value proposal.

What does the Polytechnic School offer?

  • Space fitted out for up to 30 people.
  • Management of room bookings.
  • Management of inviting students to take part according to the company’s preferences. It can be generic or you can choose the age range, sex or bachelor's degree undertaken by students.
  • You will be welcomed by a school representative on the day of the workshop and accompanied to the EPS LAB.
  • Statistical advice on preparing the survey and session dynamics from the UAE (Statistical Advice Unit).
  • Use of statistical data by the UAE and preparation of result reports.

What does the company need to do?

  • Transport the product or elements it wants to test.
  • Prepare a draft version of the survey and define the session aims.
  • Direct the work session and collect data in paper or electronic format to later send to the University’s Statistics Service.
  • Bring anything that the room offered does not have (dishes, glasses, water, serviettes, bin bags etc.)
  • New technologies companies should make it clear if they would like to conduct the session in a computer room in order for the room booking to be coordinated.
  • Leave the space in good condition. 

Sign-up and contact form

To request an activity, please fill in the form found at the following link. If you wish to contact us for any other queries, please e-mail the board of trustees’ promoter .



The EPS LAB is already in progress and the following experiences have been carried out:

    February 2015
    March 2015

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