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Mentors are a higher-year students that first-year students can turn to for advice on various aspects relating to studies or university activity in general. Their job is to integrate students coming to the EPS for the first time.

Timetable for the 2023/24 academic year
Bachelor's Degree / Degree mentor name surname(s) Mentor’s email
GETI Gemma  Selis Márquez  mentor.geti@eps.udg.edu
GETI-ADE Marc Morales Room mentor.geti_ade@eps.udg.edu
BTAC Laia  Quintana Calam  mentor.gate@eps.udg.edu
GARQ Manoli Danti Ruiz mentor.ga@eps.udg.edu
GEA Maria Cantal Massaguer mentor.gea@eps.udg.edu
GINSA Tura Danés Serrat mentor.ginsa@eps.udg.edu
GEINF Mireia Brunsó Vila mentor.geinf@eps.udg.edu
GEINF Miquel Coll Barneto  mentor.geinf@eps.udg.edu
GDDV Sira Gordillo Palahí mentor.gddv@eps.udg.edu
GEB Laia  Colaço Rahola mentor.geb@eps.udg.edu
GEM Enrique  Bangueses Leon  mentor.geti_ade@eps.udg.edu
GEQ Núria Vila i Reixach  mentor.geq@eps.udg.edu
GEE Jordi Bulló Porta mentor.gee@eps.udg.edu
GEEIiA Arnau Saguer Felip  mentor.geeia@eps.udg.edu
DT GEEIA+GEE KARINA  SANNIKOVA SANNIKOV mentor.geeia_gee@eps.udg.edu

Updated 16/06/2023

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