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Dual bachelor's degree with the University of Palermo


This is an joint university programme under which a shared educational itinerary is agreed to between the two universities. That way students at the University of Girona who wish to complete the programme will have to attend 3 semesters at the University of Palermo, following an itinerary agreed to by the two universities.

The programme is further step in European integration, offering the possibility of working much more extensively in the legal profession than any local degree.

More specifically, students who have completed their dual s degree will obtain the Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Girona and the Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ciclo Unico in Giurisprudenza from the University of Palermo. Students at the University of Girona who obtain the Italian qualification will have the same opportunities as students at the University of Palermo for working as a lawyer. In any case, the programme is designed to be completed in 4 academic years.

For further information on the programme, please contact the dean's office at the following email address: deg.dret@udg.es 

The itinerary followed at the University of Palermo will give you 93 credits and these will validate a total of 85 credits at the University of Girona.

In addition, the "Prova Finale" (bachelor's thesis) that has to be submitted that consists of 24 ECTS. It cannot be validated by the bachelor’s thesis (TFG), although the content developed by the TFG can be included as part of the Test Finale's content, since our TFG has 9 ECTS and the Test Finale has 24. This will be carried out remotely and can be enrolled on separately (you are expected to do the Prova Finale at the end from the Bachelor's degree).

The subjects to be studied along with the ones that would be validated at the University of Girona are listed in detail


Students who have at least 40 approved credits at the University of Girona may opt for this programme. Once students have completed their corresponding educational stage at the University of Palermo they will return to the University of Girona to finish the courses set out in their curriculum.

Students interested in taking the dual-degree programme will have to express their intention to do so before the end of May. They will therefore need to contact the dean's office at the following email address: deg.dret@udg.es

What happens if I start but do not finish the programme?

Subjects studied and approved at one university will be recognised at the other, according to the table of validated credit transfers agreed to between both universities (see below), even if students registered with the programme fail to achieve the number necessary credits for obtaining the dual degree.

How much does the programme cost?


How many places are offered for each academic year?

The number of places will be decided in each academic year, but the guiding number is 6.

What level of Italian is required for taking the programme?

Level B1 is required, although we strongly recommend that you have a good level of both oral and written Italian.


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