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ECTS credits: sports subjects

You can enrol at any time during the academic year 2020-2021

Obtain up to a maximum of 6 ECTS credits towards your bachelor's degree studies, from a range of over 20 elective subjects throughout the course. Enrol online by clicking on the activity you like best out of all the options you will find below. 

Important aspects of the sports subjects:

  • Each subject is worth 1 ECTS credit (bachelor's degree studies) for recognised credit transfer.
    You can obtain 1 or 2 ECTS credits* (1+1 free) in the subjects of paddle, tennis and taekwondo. (*See conditions).
  • To take advantage of the discounts on the various activities’ prices you will have to become a member of the Sports Service for the academic year 2020-21 before you enrol.</g>
  • Remember you can become a member at any time through the website.

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+Introduction to via ferratas and canyoning (weekend)

Introduction to via ferratas and canyoning (weekend)

The course has both an educational and a practical approach and is aimed at anyone who would like an introduction to canyoning and via ferratas with maximum safety and guarantees.Course attendees will learn to recognise the different elements of canyoning/via ferrata and the basic safety techniques. Course attendees will be given the opportunity to experience a whole host of sensations... and they will also find themselves in a variety of situations, with the aim of discovering as much as possible about these sports. Anyone who successfully completes the course will be able to do canyoning/via ferratasj on their own, effectively and with maximum safety. The course is divided up into theory and practical classes. Teacher: Carlos Folguera
+Introduction to progression and safety on vias ferratas (weekends) 1 ECTS credit

Introduction to progression and safety on vias ferratas (weekends) 1 ECTS credit

An iron route is both a vertical and a horizontal itinerary among rocks, with various pieces of equipment such as cramps, handrails, chains, quickdraws, hanging bridges, and so on, which enable you to safely reach the areas most difficult to access. The course has both an educational and a practical approach, and is directed at anybody who would like a first experience in iron routes with maximum safety and guarantees.
+Introduction to canyoning (weekend) 1 ECTS credit

Introduction to canyoning (weekend) 1 ECTS credit

Outdoor activity where you will progressively learn the different canyoning techniques such as walking, swimming, jumping, tobogganing down slopes, siphons and descending on ropes... And, with safety always the top priority, you will discover wild, hidden natural paths with small caves, galleries and so on. It is essential to know how to swim. Teacher: Carlos Folguera.

Student testimony: "Canyoning was brilliant ! I’d do it again right now!! It was a completely new experience for me and, to my taste, much more interesting and spectacular than the iron routes (which I also loved). I especially I liked the ravine we went down with water. Totally recommendable and, what’s more, the monitors make you feel very safe at all times".  Marc Busquets Juncà, student of 4th of ADE. 

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