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Enrolment 2019-2020

New students of bachelor's degrees coming from transfer or change of study


Enrolment calendar

Students admitted to a course as part of a change of studies with a common core among the Faculty’s studies are expected to enrol on 19 July.

The students admitted to a course on the bases of 30 recognised credits (transfer) are expected to enrol on  22 and 23 July.


Place of enrolment

Enrolment is in person and will be carried out from 10.00 to 12.30 in the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty.


Documentation required for enrolment

The documentation required is:

  • Original and photocopy of your national ID
  • Receipt confirming the transfer fee has been paid for the original study where this is from a Spanish university.
  • Bank account number (IBAN).If you are not the account holder or joint account holder then you need to bring the bank details communication/modification form filled in and signed, together with a photocopy of the account holder’s national ID document.
  • If more passed subjects appear on your academic record than on the one shown when the application was made:
    • Grade certificate or updated online academic record (if the original degree was at the UdG this is not necessary).
    • Programmes of the newly approved subjects, duly stamped (if the original degree was in our faculty this is not necessary).

Relevant information about enrolment

The necessary information for your enrolment can be found on the website, or in the students guide. There you will find the timetables, the academic and administrative calendars, the calendar for examinations, the guide to the subjects on offer and their programmes.

To save time, we recommend you consult the timetables and have a draft copy of the subjects that you wish to select and the corresponding group before coming. It is also a good idea to prepare some alternatives in case the groups you requested are full.

Any questions about enrolment can be emailed to secretaria.dretieconomiques@udg.edu.

We can also attend to you in person if you come to the Faculty or call 972 41 80 02 from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm (in July the telephone will not be operation, but we will attend to you by email or in personal).

Places in subject groups

For optional subjects, once they are full it is not possible to increase the group size, you’ll have to choose other optional subjects.

For compulsory subjects, group places will be assigned according to students’ order of enrolment. When the places offered have been filled, enrolment for that subject group will be closed and another will have to be chosen. Students must attend classes in the group in which they are enrolled.

In justified cases, such as having a job, you can ask to change groups for compulsory subjects. Applications to change group can be made until 20 September 2019. See the procedure to change group.

Paying enrolment fees

Your bank domicile is required, otherwise the program will not let you continue. There are several payment methods to choose from:

In one single payment or in instalments whenever the minimum academic fee is greater than €200. The final amount is the same as it would be in a single payment (no interest is charged) and it can be divided into two or three instalments or a monthly payment (payments are made on the 5th of every month and the last payment will be taken on 5 May).

Here you can find the University payment deadlines.

You can also opt for an AGAUR loan.


Start of classes

Thursday, 12 September 2019