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Activities with secondary schools

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This space is intended to be the gateway for facilitating interrelations between secondary education and the Faculty. We consider it necessary to strengthen, extend and improve the University’s ties with secondary education and higher vocational-training cycles.

In the different sections, we present you with activities and information that we think may be of interest to you.

Open days (JPOs) are designed specifically for you to get to know the university. We’ll tell you all about the courses we offer and show you around our buildings.

  • Open day for students: Friday, 10 February 2023
  • Open day for families: Saturday, 13 May 2023

For further general information on the UdG’s open days, please see this page.

The Economy Olympiad is a state-level academic competition whose aim is to stimulate and foster the study of economics and business among young people and deepen the necessary ties between secondary studies and the university.

This activity offers second-year upper Business Economics students at secondary schools, state and private, in Girona province, an opportunity to take part at the state-level stage held every year at a different University.

For more information consult this page. 

This is an academic activity for dealing with the world of the stock market with support and from an educational perspective. Far from presenting a leisure activity stimulating competition and prize winning, this game is aimed at offering an educational complement when it comes to responsibly studying business finance in the classroom.

Aimed at upper secondary-school education students taking the Business Economics option and at Medium- and Upper Level Vocational Training or Adult Education cycles.  

759 students from institutes and educational centres from Girona’s counties took part in the 2022 Stock Exchange Game

The Stock Exchange Game is an academic activity for discovering the stock exchange world and responsible funding from enterprises. Twenty-nine centres, among institutes and training centres took part in the fourth edition of this initiative.

The fourth edition of the Stock Exchange Game at the University of Girona (UdG) has achieved a new participation of 759 pre-university students who competed between 1 February and 11 March in this academic activity to discover the stock exchange world.

The Stock Exchange Game is organised by the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, Renta4 and ICE and aimed to 1st-year Baccalaureate students who take the Economic option and at Intermediate and Higher Vocational Training Cycle and CFA students, who take part as individuals.

The aim of the Stock Exchange Game is, from a game perspective, to offer an educational supplement to the study on responsible company funding. Teachers can choose the most appropriate activities in Stock Exchange Game simulations for assessing students. According to the competition’s general instructions, participants can only invest in IBEX 35 companies, in stock exchange opening times, and have 60,000 virtual euros at their disposal. At least five transactions have to be carried out every week.

The 29 following educational centres have taken part in it: CFA Girona, CFA La Selva,  CFA Sant Feliu de Guíxols, C FEDAC Sant Narcís, CFA Torroella de Montgrí, Institut Abat Oliba, Institut Anton Busquets i Punset, Institut Baix Empordà, Institut Bosc de la Coma, Institut Cap Norfeu, Institut Cendrassos, Institut de Celrà, Institut Frederic Martí Carreras, Institut Illa de Rodes, Institut Llançà, Institut Montgrí, Institut Montsacopa, Institut Narcís Xifra Masmitjà, Institut Narcís Monturiol, Institut Olivar Gran, Institut Pere Borrell, Institut Ramon Coll i Rodés, Institut Salvador Espriu, Institut Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Institut Santa Coloma de Farners, Institut Santa Eugènia, Institut Serrallarga, Institut Vallvera and Institut Vescomtat de Cabrera.

A total of 8 prizes are awarded to whoever obtains the highest profitability and distributed as follows:

  • Prize for each county: 8 iPads, one for the player with the highest points for each county.
  • Prize for the best participant from Girona: 1 laptop for the highest classed player

Awarded students:

            1st Garrotxa                    Marc Pont Bartolí, Institut Bosc de la Coma

            2nd Baix Empordà          Emely Dayana Quiroz Osorio, Institut Montgrí

            3rd Gironès                     Isabela Paunescu, Institut de Celrà

            4th Cerdanya                   Adrià Docampo Clot, Institut Pere Borrell

            5th Alt Empordà             Quel Pellissa Fernández, Institut Olivar Gran

            6th Ripollès                     Berta Vallverdú Bachs, Institut Abat Oliba

            7th The Selva                     Sergi Oller Garcia, Institut Serrallarga

            8th Pla de l'Estany           Abandoned, for want of registered players

This is an economics-problems group competition aimed at 4th-year compulsory secondary education (ESO) students studying Economics. The competition is intended to encourage and stimulate students to study economics through collaboration.

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