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Studying abroad


We at the International Relations Office manage several programmes that enable students to broaden their knowledge, discover new cultures, interact with students and teachers from other Spanish, European, Latin-American and North American universities, as well as add to their CVs and open up new opportunities for the future. Thanks to these programmes, students can benefit from an experience that will enable them to grow personally and which they will never forget.

Sign up for the chance to discover the world and take part in these long- and short-stay programmes whose details are as follows!

  • ERASMUS+: this is a programme offering students the chance to study in another EU country for one semester or for an entire academic year. The Erasmus+ Grant is awarded to everyone who takes part in it.
  • PROMETEU: a programme that gives students the chance to study in Latin America and Florida for a semester. The Santander Scholarship is not awarded to every student but only to those who meet its exacting requirements.
  • SICUE: a programme that offers students a chance to spend an academic year at another Spanish university.

Students wishing to opt for a long-stay mobility place will enrol on the application 


Once ERASMUS or PROMETEU enrolments have been made, students will have to go through the following selection process for their destination place:

  • 17/12/20 and 21/01/21 (online): UdG Information session
  • 10/12/20 (online): FCEE Information session
  • 15/12/20-18/02/21: MobOut Application
  • 19/02/2021: Filling in and delivering the individual ranking. Priority criteria
  • 24/02/2021: Publication of the provisional ranking
  • 26/02/2021: Publication of the final ranking
  • 02/03/21: (1.30 pm online): Auction
  • 09/03/2021: Publication of place allocation
  • Until 15/03/2021: Acceptance or withdrawal of places through the MobOut application
  • 25/03/2021: Final allocation of places (awarded, denied, renounced and rejected)

You will be informed by the ORI persons in charge (in order of deadline)

Short stays (ETAP, EUROWEEK, International Event, International Week)

The features common to all these activities are that they enable students to do the following:

  • They last for a week
  • Carry out academic activities
  • Discover other cultural realities
  • Work in a team
  • Relate to an international environment
  • Practise their English
  • Obtain 3 academically recognised ECTS

Students are required to have a B2.1 level of English at the least.

They are activities awarded grants by the faculty and, all groups are coordinated by the faculty's lecturers.

  • ETAP: The goals is to work on accounting cases and materials that enable students to find out the scale of accounting on an international level.

    It is organised by the ETAP Network, each course in a different EU country. More information on ETAP

  • EUROWEEK: made up of teams working on a project relating to entrepreneurial issues during the months before they go to the city where the project is presented.

    It is organised in the framework of the PRIME Network, each course in a different EU country. More information on Euroweek

  • INTERNATIONAL EVENT: This is a project that is organised from the Han University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands in collaboration with Hull University in the United Kingdom.

    This activity brings students together in groups to solve cases considered through businesses simulators. More information on International Event

  • INTERNATIONAL WEEK: organising seminars given by lecturers from international universities in various economic and business areas. A test on the talks attended is given at the end of the week.

    This is a programme coordinated by Edutus University and which therefore takes place in Budapest. More information on International Week

Other activities

  • ACADEMIC STUDENT PARTNER: this involves accompanying a student who comes to the ERASMUS+, Prometeu or Sícue FCEE.  They are students who are enrolled on a subject taught in a language they do not fully master (Catalan or Spanish). This is about helping them, then, especially during the first weeks of class, in the language of the subject.
  • SEMINARS IN ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS SCIENCES: these are lectures given by visiting lecturers from international universities.

We will now provide you with the link for filling in the form, should you be interested in taking part in short stays or carrying out the other activities: Enrolment form

Deadline notifications are given by email.

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