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Who can become a member of the Sports Service?

All members of the university community can become members on making a single annual payment of 30 €:

  • Students.
  • Administrative and service staff.
  • Academic staff.
  • Ex-student Post-Scriptum members.

These can also become members on making a single annual payment of 40 €:

  • The direct relatives of members: partners, parents, children and siblings.
  • Ex-students from the University of Girona.
  • Students from other Catalan universities.

Validity of the membership card:

  • One academic year: from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020.

How can I become a member?

  • If you are a student, the best is to make it in the moment of the self-enrolment of your studies: put the cross in the corresponding box and come to our offices to pick up the T-shirt of gift.
  • Web way , in any moment of the course.
  • Directly in our offices, of Monday in Friday of 9 to 22 hr and the weekends and public holidays of 9 to 14 hr and from 16 to 21 hrs. Consulta here the calendar  with the special timetables.

How to view the Sports Service ID card:

In the 2019-20 academic year, the University of Girona is introducing an app where all UdG ID cards are kept. The app of the Sports Service for last year remains inactive. Download the new application and enjoy the advantages. In this video you can see how it works.

  1. Download the UdG app (available for ios and android).
  2. Open the app and enter your UdG code and password (to access you need to accept the authorisation request).
  3. Click on the image of the identification card and swipe left to view the Sports Service card.
  4. Click on the star to mark your display preferences and enjoy the benefits the card brings you.

What advantages does being a member have?

Attention: they can only enjoy the agreement with the GEiEG, the members of the university community (students, PAS and teachers). To access there it be necessary to show the identification card of the UdG, besides the membership card of the Sports Service.

If I cannot be a partner, can I become SUBSCRIBED to the facilities?

Yes You can subscribe to access our facilities under the same conditions as members:

  • By paying a subscription of 60€ for the entire course.
  • Paying a subscription of 40 € from March until the end of course.