Polytechnic School

Academic record transfer of similar studies

(among the bachelor's degree studies of the polytechnic school)

In the Polytechnic School there are some degrees in which the same subjects are studied. These are given the name similar degrees. The minimum number of common credits is 30, taking into account that the these must be identifiable by the module or subject’s identical codes.

The similar degrees taught in the Polytechnic School are:

  • Bachelor's degree in Agri-food Engineering Bachelor's degree in Food Innovation and Security
  • Bachelor's degree in Automation and Industrial Electronics Engineering / Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering / Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering / Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor's degrees in Architectural Studies / Bachelor's degree in Architectural Technology and Building Construction

The condition that students who have started their degrees and want to change to a similar degree must fulfil is that they have passed all the first year credits that are common to the two degrees. Otherwise the student cannot change the degree.

The applicable governing regulations are Regulations for changing studies among studies sharing a least 30 credits in their first year , as approved by the Governing Council in session nº. 3/11, of 31 March 2011 (eBOU-167 ), and amended by the Governing Council in sessions no. 4/2014, of 29 May 2014 (eBOU-646) and no. 3/2017, of 4 April 2017 (e-BOU 985).

For the 2019/20 academic year, the Polytechnic School offers twenty places for exchanging similar studies, for each of the studies.

The period to request this change is the second fortnight in June.

The students concerned must present the following one in the Academic Secretary's Office of the School application . This form states the amount that has to be paid for fees. No complementary documentation need be brought as the academic record is already in this centre.

In case that they have overcome the established requirements is the number of shown applications in the same way or inferior to the number of specific offer squares in the bachelor's degree which they want to access, square will be assigned to all applicants.

Otherwise, applicants' records will be sorted according to the average mark and places will be assigned according to the number of places available. The applicants without assigned square will remain in waiting list for the order established in this process.

The assignment of places will be made public the day after the resolution is issued, which will be 10 July, and the persons concerned will be notified.

For more information please contact infoacademica.eps@udg.edu

Listed of accepted candidates for changing between similar studies, 2019/20 academic year