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School Board

Position / Representative Headline
Permanent teaching staff Mr Lluís Albó Rigau
Dr Manuel Alcala Vilavella
Permanent teaching staff Dr Gerard Arbat Pujolras
Permanent teaching staff Dr  Anna Arbussà Reixach
Alumni Mr  Pau Arévalo i Sureda
Dr Albert Aviñó Andrés
Laboratory technician Ms Anna M. Aymerich Armengol
Temporary teaching staff Dr Marta Baena Muñoz
Temporary teaching staff Dr Antoni Bardera Reig
Permanent teaching staff Dr Esther Barrabés Vera
MFRP Coodinator Dr Cristina Barris Peña
Permanent teaching staff Dr Norbert Blanco Villaverde
Permanent teaching staff Dr Immaculada Boada Oliveras
Ms  Marta Boadella Llinàs
Permanent teaching staff Dr Anna Bonaterra Carreras
PTGAS / Executive Secretary EPS Ms  Lidia Bonilla Duarte
Temporary teaching staff Dr Lluis Bosch Puig
Student 2024 Ms  Maria Bruguera i Farrés
Student 2024 Mr  Jan Cachinero i Parrado
Student 2024 Ms  Irene Calderón Poch
Assistant Student Manager Dr Remei Calm Puig
Student 2024 Mr  Luis Mihai Capitanu Gheorghe
Dr Maria Julia Capomaggi Sequenzia
Executive Secretary EPS Ms  Meritxell Clota Gou
Permanent teaching staff Dr Joan Colomer Llinas
Permanent teaching staff Dr Josep Costa Balanzat
PTGAS Ms  Alexandra Costa Suarez
Permanent teaching staff Dr  Xavier Cufí Solé
Permanent teaching staff and school secretary Dr Rodolfo de Castro Vila
Dr Marc Delgado Aguilar
Non permanent teaching staff Dr  Alexandre Deltell Carbonell
Dr  Miquel Duran Ros
Student 2024 Mr  Mohamed El Habri
Permanent teaching staff Dr Francisco Javier Espinach Orús
Dr  Lluís Fàbrega Soler
Student 2024 Ms Bruna Jun Fernández Gorgues
Dr Ines Ferrer Real
Permanent teacher /Director. EQATA Dpt. Dr Nuria Fiol Santalo
Permanent teaching staff Dr Marta Fort Masdevall
Dr  Jesus Manuel Frances Ortega
Student 2024 Ms  Susan Judith Freire Ibarra
Permanent teaching staff Dr Jordi Freixenet Bosch
PTGAS Ms  Emma Gabarda Panosa
PTGAS Ms  Neus Galià Prats
Student 2024 Mr  Yherlin Nehemias Galo Sandoval
Student 2024 Ms  Mireia Garcia-Aranda Terradellas
Permanent teaching staff Dr Maria Luisa Garcia-Romeu de Luna
Permanent teaching staff Dr Narcís Gascons Clarió
Permanent teaching staff Dr Ester Gifra Basso
Permanent teaching staff Dr Gerusa Gimenez Leal
Mr  Ultano Gómez Ponsetí
Temporary teaching staff Dr Emilio Vicente Gonzalez Juan
PTGAS Ms M. Rosa Grau Cullell
Student 2024 Mr  Xaloc Guitart Fernández
Student 2024 Ms  Carla Hernández Pons
Dr  Sergio Herraiz Jaramillo
Permanent teaching staff Dr Fernando Julian Perez
Student 2024 Mr  Bhavya Kumar Sharma
Permanent teaching staff Dr Xavier Llado Bardera
Dr  Isidre Llorente Cabratosa
Mr  Daniel Alexandre Macaya Masferrer
Student 2024 Mr  Joaquim Majó Vázquez
Student 2024 Mr  Arnau Manzano i López
Student 2024 Ms  Marta Martí i Montserrat
Permanent teaching staff Dr Robert Marti Marly
Dr Joan Andreu Mayugo Majó
Permanent teaching staff Dr Joaquim Melendez Frigola
Permanent teaching staff Dr Jose Alberto Mendez Gonzalez
PTGAS / Head Academic Secretary EPS Ms  Maria Rosa Montalbán García
Dr  Lino Montoro Moreno
Permanent teaching staff / Coordinator Master in Food Biotechnology Dr Concepcio Moragrega Garcia
Student 2024 Mr  Joaquim Morales García
Student 2024 Ms  Eva Morant Espí
Dr Arnau Oliver i Malagelada
Dr  Lluís Pacheco Valls
Permanent teacher / Coordinator Master IFROS Dr Narcis Palomeras Rovira
Dr  Maria Dolors Parés Oliva
Permanent teacher / Coordinator GDDV Dr Gustavo Ariel Patow
Director Dr Maria Àngels Pèlach Serra
Student 2024 Ms  Núria Yue Peracaula Moner
Student 2024 Mr  Marçal Pons Wendenburg
Permanent teaching staff Dr Jaume Puig i Bargués
PTGAS Mr Jordi Puig i Bosch
Temporary teaching staff Dr Xavier Puigvert Colomer
Permanent teaching staff Dr Joan Pujol Planella
Permanent teaching staff Dr Antoni Pujol Sagaró
Permanent teacher / Director IMAE Dept. Dr Jordi Regincós Isern
Permanent teaching staff Dr Jordi Renart Canalias
PTGAS Ms  Ana Maria Roldan Molina
Student 2024 Mr  Martí Rovira García
Permanent teaching staff Mr  Miquel Rustullet Reñé
Student 2024 Mr Adrià Sivillà i Chamorro
Permanent teaching staff Dr Jordi Soler Busquets
Permanent teaching staff Dr Josep Soler Maso
Student 2024 Ms  Esmeralda Solís Baina
Student 2024 Mr  Martí Somolinos Gené
Non permanent teaching staff Dr  Joaquim Agusti Tarres Farres
PTGAS Ms  Rosa Teixidor Ventura
Permanent teaching staff Dr Mònica Toldrà Alegret
Permanent teaching staff Dr Daniel Trias Mansilla
Permanent teaching staff Dr Albert Turon Travesa
Permanent teaching staff Dr Pere Vila Talleda
Dr Fabiola Vilaseca Morera

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