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High-level athletes

How does the High-Level Athlete Programme of the UdG work?

The University and Sport programme consists of giving high level or high performance athletes enrolled at the UdG the opportunity of being supported by a tutor member of the teaching staff who will help them resolve any problems derived from the difficulties involved in combining academic life with participating in competitions, meetings or official training sessions.

The tutor will guide and support the student, undertaking the task of changing the dates of exams or practicals.

If you want to be considered for the UdG’s High-Level Athlete Support programme you must accredit:

  • That you are on the ARC list of high-level athletes published by the DOG both this year and the previous academic year.
  • That you are on the list of high-level athletes published by the BOE both this year and the previous academic year.
  • That you have been summoned by the respective national team, be it the university selection or the country selection, either this year or the previous year.
  • That you are an athlete included in the ADO or the ADOP plans.
  • You are an athlete with a professional contract.
  • That you were a medallist in a World and/or European Championships.
  • You are a high-level athlete who, despite not fulfilling the above requirements, the University of Girona proposes for having finished in the first three of the Spanish University Championship during the previous academic year. In this case, a tutor will only be assigned by mutual agreement between the athlete and the director of the programme if it is believed to be necessary. The rest will be considered as high-level athletes without an assigned tutor.

IMPORTANT: The deadline to enter the programme is 30 September 2020

*Per to resort to this programme is necessary to contact Jordi Buch in Tel. 972 41 88 02 or , and to fill in the form of application .