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  1. A doctoral thesis can be jointly supervised by the UdG and another foreign university by agreement, with the aim of creating and developing scientific cooperation between research teams in both institutions and enabling mobility for doctoral students. The minimum time spent in each university cannot be less than 6 months, and may be during one period or more than one.
  2. The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme is responsible for authorising joint supervision of doctoral theses.
  3. The thesis can be defended in any university participating in the joint supervision. The defence of the thesis will be made following the regulations of the university in which it is carried out and will result in a single exam result in accordance with the university regulations where the thesis is defended. An attested or authenticated copy will be provided to the other university. If the thesis is not defended at the UdG, then the student shall present the following documentation to the School of Doctoral Studies once the composition of the panel is approved by the other University:
    1. a) an electronic file containing the complete thesis, preferably in PDF format or in another format accepted by the University,
    2. b) the authorisation to use the electronic CV extracted from the UdG’s current curriculum management application,
    3. c) the document approving the composition of the panel by the other university (taking into account that fact that the composition has to adapt to the applicable legislation of the university where the thesis is defended), and
    4. the authorisation of the reading at the other university
  4. The School of Doctoral Studies has to make this documentation available to the Academic committee of the doctoral programme, who has to decide on the recognition of the doctoral thesis defended in this framework in a maximum of 30 working days.
  5. With the approval of the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme, and once the thesis has been defended, the thesis director must provide the School of Doctoral Studies with a copy of the documentation accrediting the reading, showing the qualification obtained in the system established in the corresponding country.
  6. The university where the panel is to hear the defence is responsible for paying the expenses of professors on the panel.
  7. Students under joint supervision are to all effects considered students of the UdG.
  8. A student whose thesis is in joint supervision can choose to apply for the international PhD mention, provided they meet the requirements established in section 8.5 of this article.

Joint supervision agreements for doctoral thesis

Control sheet and agreement model

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