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Enrolment on doctoral programmes.

Academic year 2021-2022

The students accepted onto a doctoral programme must complete the School of Doctoral Studies enrolment via the website. Enrolment confers doctoral degree students of the UdG the right to academic supervision and to the use of the available resources to develop their work, and all the rights provided for in the rules and regulations of the School of Doctoral Studies .

Enrolment consists of paying an annual fee. This fee is paid every academic year until the doctoral thesis is completed. Therefore, your enrolment must be valid when the thesis is submitted.

Doctoral programmes are always enrolled on by online enrolment , with students identifying themselves, whether in their first year - having obtained admission to pre-enrolment - or in their second or later year, until their doctoral thesis is submitted.

If you are enrolling for the first time, you must identify yourselves using the same DNI, NIE or passport number you used when you did the pre-enrolment, and your date of birth. If you already have a UdG digital identity, use your user name and password.

If you are exempt from paying any fees or you are entitled to a discount, you must show proof of this at the Office of the Secretary of the School of Doctoral Studies before completing the enrolment.

The following documentation must be shown to prove the right to exemptions or discounts on the amount to be paid depending on the type of enrolment:

  • Grant awarded: authentication of your status as a grant holder (it is mandatory to prove the status of grant holder at the Office of the Secretary of the School of Doctoral Studies before completing the enrolment).
  • Large family: original and photocopy of the valid large family card.
  • Disabled persons, with a minimum degree of disability of 33%. One of the following documents: card proving the disability or a certificate issued or validated by the Catalan Care and Social Services Institute; resolution or certificate issued by IMSERSO or the body responsible for this matter in the corresponding autonomous region; resolution issued by IMSERSO proving the status of pensioner due to permanent total disability or a large degree of disability, or resolution issued by the Treasury and Inland Revenue or the Ministry of Defence proving the status of pensioner or person unable to work due to permanent disability.
  • Victims of domestic violence (victims and their children). One of the following documents: valid protection order; report issued by the tax ministry stating possible domestic violence while the protection order has not yet been issued; final or definitive guilty verdict, valid for the entire duration of the prison sentence imposed on the abuser plus the duration of the complementary protection and safety measures decided in favour of the victim, or a non-definitive judgement for the defendant, valid for the entire duration of the protection and security parole measures decided in favour of the victim, provided the verdict refers to maintaining these measures until a final verdict is decided. When the discount is requested on behalf of a child of a victim of domestic violence, the family book must also be attached to the document.
  • Victims of terrorist acts (spouses and children): pertinent administrative resolution and family book, where necessary.

At the end of the email you were sent informing you of having been accepted on the programme, there is a link where you can create your digital identification (user name and password) as a doctoral student to be able to access the UdG's electronic services.

If you do not yet have a digital identification, you can be issued with one when you do your student identity card.

Remember it is important to have the digital identification to be able to carry out the procedures related to monitoring the doctoral thesis and the annual evaluation.

From the second year onwards you must enrol online (according to the administrative calendar of the university) every academic year until you submit your doctoral thesis.

If you are given a doctoral grant later than the deadline for enrolling established by the administrative calendar of the University of Girona, you will be able to enrol through the academic office of the secretary of the School of Doctoral Studies.

If the research trainee has submitted their doctoral thesis at the School of Doctoral Studies (without the revision process necessarily having started) prior to the day online enrolment finishes for the following academic year, as established in the administrative calendar, to be able to carry out the procedure for submitting the doctoral thesis the student must pay the corresponding administrative fee by way of enrolment, and they will be exempt from paying the academic supervision fee.

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