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English as a Medium of Education

Xarxa d'Innovació Docent

La Xarxa d’Innovació Docent sobre English as a Medium of Education (EME) was created in the academic year 2020-2021 in response to a phenomenon intrinsically linked to the internationalisation of higher education: the growing interest in teaching in English. Its work focuses on carrying out educational activities, reflecting on its own educational practice and experience, and developing and implementing actions and/or projects in this area. It is made up of teaching and research staff from different subject areas at the UdG. SLM technicians also collaborate.

The English as a Medium of Education (EME) Teaching Innovation Network was founded in 2020-2021 in response to a phenomenon which is intrinsically linked to the internationalisation of Higher Education: the increasing tendency to deliver classes in English. The network’s key objectives are to carry out training activities, reflect on the members’ educational practices and experiences, and to develop and implement actions and/or projects related to this theme. The network is made up of teachers and researchers from different fields of knowledge working at the UdG, as well as collaborators from the SLM (Modern Languages Service of the university).

Members Department
Norbert  Blanco Villaverde Mechanical and Construction Engineering
Ariadna Delgado Bermúdez Biology
Glòria Mateu Figueras Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Dankmute Pohl ICE and Language Service
Pere Pons Ferran Environmental Sciences
Mònica Puntí Brun Philology and Communication
Jordi Ribas Maynou Biology
Ingrid Vilà Giménez Specific Didactics
Fabiola Vilaseca Morera Agricultural and Food Technology Chemical Engineering
Julie Waddington Specific Didactics
Marc Yeste Oliveras Biology

Coordinator: Julie Waddington 

Secretary: Dankmute Pohl

Communications manager: Mònica Puntí Brun

EME application examples

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